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Title: Implementation of electronic medical records in healthcare

Total Pages: 17 Words: 5687 References: 17 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a case study on the topic of "implementation of electronic medical records in a private (collaborative) healthcare practice." The case study should include such obstacles as one department "going live' before other deaprtments, different departments using different systems to suit their needs (for example dental vs. medical), physician resistance based on age of practicing physicians, staff resistance, and start up costs.

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Title: Electronic Medical Records Documentation and the Role of the Nurse

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3320 Works Cited: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: New era in nursing care using electronic medical records
Incorporate references to Kelsey-Seybold Clinics in Houston,TX,RediClinics and clinics at CVS, Walgreens and HEB. Nursing benefits with EMR and intake assessments.
How EMR is changing the face of nursing care in the clinic setting and hospital care.
Advantages vs disadvantages of EMR
Nursing role in implementing and utilizing EMR
bedside nursing streamlined with EMR
Template documentation in EMR vs free text documentation.
JCACHO guidelines for EMR charting and documentation.
My paper should reflect pro EMR and other electronic advances in nursing documentation.

A.  Provide a final copy of your research paper (suggested length 10??"15 pages) that incorporates the revisions you made. (Please name this file with the date of submission and the word “Final.”) Provide the following in your final draft:
1.  Introduction
•  Provide effective introductory context.
•  Introduce your thesis statement.
•  Preview the main points that you will cover in the body of your paper.
2.  Body
a.  Develop each of the main points in effective paragraphs with support from a variety of sources.
b.  Use at least 10 credible sources effectively in your paper.
3.  Conclusion
•  Restate the thesis statement.
•  Summarize the main points of your research paper.
4.  Reference List
a.  Include all in-text citations and references in APA format.
Note: Please save word-processing documents as *.rtf (Rich Text Format) or *.pdf (Portable Document Format) files.

1.  A 5??"10 page credible source that has 1??"2 paragraphs highlighted
2.  A 1??"2 page synthesis of the 5??"10 page source with an APA formatted in-text citation
3.  A paraphrase of the 1??"2 highlighted paragraph(s) with an APA formatted in-text citation
4.  An APA formatted reference list


A.  Choose one credible source (suggested length of 5??"10 pages) that you plan to include in your research paper.
Title page
Signature page
Bibliography page
References page
Works Cited page
Formatting and styling   APA
Status updates

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Essay Instructions: Write a research paper about three brands of electronic medical records.Try to address the following things in your comparison:
-special features(what does the program do?)
-Is the program easy to use?
-Is the program able to be networked between facilities?
-Security and confidentiality of the patient records
-Pricing and cost
-Technical support and troubleshooting services
-Minimal hardware requirements
-Storage(how many patient records can be stored on the software?)

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Essay Instructions: Organizational Change Plan ? Part I

Develop Part I of a comprehensive plan to implement an organization change. Choose an issue from your workplace and create a plan for a proposed change to resolve the issue. If you do not have a current workplace or your workplace is not appropriate for this project, work with the instructor to identify an organization you may use for a change plan. Your change proposal must be something you might actually implement in your workplace. Issues might be related to any of the following:

? Health care services
? Long-term care
? Health care products
? Information technology in health care
? Billing in health care
? Electronic medical records (EMR) implementation
? Access to care
? Outcome/process/structure of care
? Patient/family/community experience of care
? Creation or revision of an educational course or program
? Any other appropriate faculty approved area

The Part I of your plan focuses on assessment of the change issue and planning for the proposed change. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word plan with the following:

? Examine the need in the organization for your proposed change.
? Examine organizational and individual barriers to your proposed change.
? Identify factors that might influence your proposed change.
? Summarize factors influencing organizational readiness for your proposed change.
? Identify the theoretical model that relates to your proposed change.
? Identify internal and external resources available to support your change initiative.
? Use the University Library to conduct a search for current peer-reviewed literature that provides data to support your change application.
? Format your plan according to APA standards.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

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