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Title: electoral college

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Essay Instructions: My topic will be the removal of the electoral college and in its place going to popular votes.

Write a 7-10 page final paper on a topic of your own choosing. Before writing, contact the instructor for approval of your topic and the thesis you will argue.

The final paper is an argumentative essay, so be sure to follow the structure of that kind of paper. See: THE LITTLE BROWN HANDBOOK or other sources if you are unclear about the nature of an ?argumentative essay.?

The final paper is also a research paper. You are expected to have a minimum of four book and/or journal entries in your Works Cited. You are expected to have a minimum of four web sites in your Works Cited.

The paper is to follow the Modern Language Association (MLA) format for papers. You should use proper in-text citation and create a Works Cited page. This information is available on-line at a number of sources. Use the subject search MLA on the web to find available websites.

The paper is to be double-spaced. The font is to be TIMES ROMAN. The font size must be 12. You may work on this paper in a word processing program. Be sure to send it to me as an email Microsoft Word attachment by the due date.

In this paper you must examine one modification that you would make to the American political process. In making your modification, you must carefully prepare a complete answer to the following three areas.

The first area must give a detailed discussion of how, in the area you wish to modify, the political process currently works. This must include a description of the process, an example of the process, and on what basis the process has been established (i.e., Constitutional grounds, tradition, etc.). If applicable, cite the portion of the Constitution that establishes this process. You should use your textbook and any other resources necessary.

The second area must give a detailed discussion of your modification. This must include how your modification could be brought about. In completing this section, make sure you include a theoretical discussion of how to change the process (i.e., if your process is established in the Constitution, then an Amendment to the Constitution would be necessary) as well as a practical discussion as to how your modification might be brought about (i.e., how might you get the necessary political support to bring about your change). You MUST also note at least one possible obstacle that might make it difficult to bring about your modification.

The third, and final, area must give both positive as well as negative consequences of your proposed modification. You are required to state a minimum of two positive and one negative consequence. Your negative consequence should not include any difficulty in bringing about your modification (as that would be covered in Section 2), but rather a negative consequence once your modification has been made.

HINTS: First, choose a fairly narrow modification. If your modification is too broad, you probably will not be able to adequately cover all three areas mentioned above. Second, be sure to cover all three areas as each area will be awarded points. Third, spend time logically thinking through your modification. Don?t try to formulate an answer the night before the paper is due. Next, use your book and other resources to help you. Lastly, proofread your paper several times before you hand it in. Grammatical and organizational skills will be considered in the grading process.

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Title: Electoral College

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Essay Instructions: Evluate the pros and cons of the Electoral College. What are some of the weaknesses and strengths with the Electoral College? What are some proposed changes and alternatives to the current systm? Be sure to also discuss the strengths an weaknesses of the alternatives. This paper must be at least 5 pages in length. Please use MLA format, 12 point font, times new roman font.

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Essay Instructions: Unit I Article Critique
Access the CSU Online Library. Within the database ?Academic OneFile,? locate and read the following articles:
Underhill, Wendy. "Changing up the electoral college?" State Legislatures 38.1 (2012)
Gregg, Gary L. "Unpopular vote: enemies of the Electoral College aim to scrap the Founders' design." The American Conservative 10.12 (2011)
Upon reading the two articles, write a response essay of at least 500 words. Your essay should address the Electoral College as it currently functions, as well as the proposed changes discussed in the two articles. Are you in support of the current Electoral College? Do you agree or disagree with the proposed changes? Is it right for states to circumvent the Constitution on this matter? Your essay should be well thought out and include direct references to the articles. Limited direct quotes are permitted. All references (paraphrased or quoted) should be correctly cited using APA format.
APA Guidelines

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Title: Checks and Balances Federalism Electoral College

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Essay Instructions: Using a news article- from magazine, newspaper, wedsite media, Newsweek, CNN/News/president...
Find an article (has to be more than 5 paragraphs) that relates to one of the following areas
Checks and Balance system
Electoral College
Constitutional rights

What is the issue/problem/.controversy
specifically what event is being discussed
What is rational behind putting this information in media form
How does this article relate to one of the above topics

Need 6-7 sentence article summary

3 opinions on the article-controvery-problem-ect...

I have to be able to present this in a visual form so the more exciting the topic line or something that has to do with one branch overseeing another or is all thee are involved would be good visual representation

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