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Essay Instructions: From the readings provided, it is evident that the diagnosis of diabetes is difficult to make, especially in the elderly patient.
Compose a paper that supports why this is true. Base your response on how the common signs and symptoms of diabetes mimic normal physiological changes, adverse drug reactions, co-morbid signs and symptoms, and geriatric syndromes. Use specific examples as evidence to support your position. Conclude your paper with a comparison of the consequences of early and late diagnoses of diabetes that demonstrates the importance of astute assessment for early diagnosis

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Title: care coordiation relating to elderly patients after discharge from emergency room or hospital

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Essay Instructions: I need 20 articles( can be research, dissertation, litterature review, peers reviews, articles from American Family Physicians or American Academy of Nurse Practiotioner) on care coordination relating to elderly patients after discharge from emergency room or hospital. I need an introduction,summarize each article in 5-6 sentences and a conclusion.

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper on Schizophrenia In Elderly Patients:

The objective that I have chosen is the following: Schizophrenia In Elderly Patients literature review

*How is the literature review used
* What are ethical considerations
*What is the literature review telling in terms of statistic
*Do you have enough information to make a decision on the effectiveness of the literature

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Title: Caring for elderly patients with dementia nursing interventions

Total Pages: 2 Words: 464 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Research Article Summary Assignment: ATTACHED please find the Article, "Caring for elderly patients with dementia:nursing interventions"

Summarize the research article in 1 - 2 well written paragraphs in which you ANSWER the following QUESTIONS: (DO NOT USE THE ARTICLES ABSTRACT FOR THE SUMMARY)!!

1) Why was the study done 2) qualitative or quantitative approach 3) Who were participants / subjects 4) What participants / subjects did 5) Study Results

Create APA reference citation for that article

Paper will be graded on Research Article Summary Assignment Rubric:
1) Article Choice must be current (<6 yr> topic is research title
2) Summary Criteria: a) Why was the study done? b) qualitative or quantitative design c) who were participants / subjects d) What participants / subjects did e) study results
3) Reference List: Criteria APA Format and Correct Punctuation

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