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Essay Instructions: This paper is a research proposal for a masters in international relations. I am Egyptian, so I thought it would be quite interesting to discuss the issue of the Arab spring and how it has effected Egypt in all aspects; cultural, social, economic, religious and political, and how that would effect the region as a whole and Egypt and its international relations specifically. Might include a background on mubarak's regime and its good relationships with the west, and compare to the Muslim brotherhood whom are now in power and to try and monitor changes within and between both and the USA. Some points : factors leading to the revolution, the role of Internet and technology, USA selling out on Mubarak and double standards relative to the gulf kingdoms, increasing role of civil societies and liberals while the rise of the Muslim brotherhood to power, upcoming USA elections, linking all that to a question or theseis question involving Egypt and international relations. U may change the topic if u like, as long as its linked to Egypt and international relations and the Arab spring.

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Title: Egypt

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1523 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The paper is to be focused on a contemporary political issue in Egypt. Basically a current political issue that affects the country as an individual and/or how it affects it's region (North Africa) and possibly it's relationship to the world. It can be an internal political quarrel or an Egyptian cultural concept or philosophy (currently causing possibly contorversial debate or discussion)that influences the country's political system or lack thereof. The paper needs to explore what it is about the political system in Egypt that makes the issue important.

Sources/references can be newspaper articles(from any country) books, or academic journal articles.

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Title: About Egypt

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Essay Instructions: Paper should include the following:

-Table of Contents
-Main Body of Discussion
-Conclusion & Suggestions


Table of Contents

Section Page

Introduction………………………………………… 1

Brief history of Ghana…………………………….. 2

Colonial rule in Ghana…………………………….. 3

Colonial Education in Ghana……………………… 4

Conclusion…………………………………………... 5
References………………………………………….. 6

E. Introduction:

1. Your introduction should state clearly the purpose of your paper and any other related issues to be discussed, with reference to the topic.

2. You may begin your introduction this way:

In this paper, I shall discuss the impact of colonialism on Africa and the African peoples. Specifically, it focuses on the role of colonial education and its effects on the Kenyan society.


The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effects of colonial education on the Kenyan society. Related issues to be discussed include the nature and goals colonialism, the colonial school curriculum and its effects on the people and the society.


This paper examines the effects of colonial education on the Kenyan society and its people. It discusses the colonial school curriculum, the nature of the education system and its effects on the society and the people. It also provides suggestions for the restructuring of Kenyan education system in efforts to make education relevant to the socio-economic needs of the present Kenyan society.

3. The main Body of the paper:

This section should be divided into specific subheadings, with each section discussing one specific aspect of the topic.


A Brief History of Ghana

Ghana is located in West Africa with a total land mass of about 93,000sq. miles. Its current population is approximately 20 million people and was colonized by the British at the close of the 19th Century. The country………

Colonial Rule in Ghana: 1884-1957

Ghana was colonized by the British in the late 19th century. At first the British met some resistance from the people, particularly the Ashantis of the forest belt but they were defeated in …………………………………

Colonial Education in Ghana

The education system introduced by the British in colonial Ghana was based on…………………….

F. Citations ??" Indicate sources where applicable throughout your paper.


“According to Oyewumi (2005), gender relations in Africa is based on Seniority rather than ………………………….


Gender relations in Africa, is based on seniority rather than biology due to the cultural perceptions of the people, particularly among the Yoruba of Western Nigeria (Oyewumi, 1997: 104).


You may cite Internet sources this way:

According to data provided by the United Nations, domestic violence is a social cancer which keeps spreading like wildfire without any firm strategy to stop it
(, May 13, 2006).

Direct Quotes (2-3 sentences):

The evidence presented clearly indicates the fact that colonialism established a dependency economy in Africa, Davidson explains: “European colonialists used Africans to exploit the latter’s natural resources without putting anything back into the African economy” (Davidson, 1997: 76).

Direct Quotes (more than 3 sentences):

This argument is similarly supported by John Smith who states:

The study of African history has long been the subject of debate in regards to the evidence provided, largely due to the oral sources. That is, should we accept oral tradition as valid knowledge or scientific? If the former, then how do we prove its validity over time? If the latter, what criterion do we use to achieve its scientific nature? This has been the cause of the main argument. On the other hand, how do we also attest to the validity of the written word? Is it also not biased? The issue must be explored further (Smith, 2001: 25).

G. Conclusion

Your conclusion should provide a short summary of your research and should correspond to your introduction. It should also include your opinions and suggestions concerning the topic.


“The purpose of this paper was to examine the impact of colonial education o the Kenyan people and their society. It discussed the nature of the colonial education system, the curriculum and the effects of this education on the people. Based on the research findings, it could be concluded that colonial education greatly contributed to the present social and economic problems of Kenya, particularly in regards to the development of agriculture and the production of food. The education provided only served the British colonialists without taking into account the well being of the native Kenyans. It is suggested that the Kenyan government makes the effort to…………… …………………………….


Provide your references in alphabetical order in the following style;


Achebe, Chinua. 1997. Things Fall Apart. New York: Praeger

Abiodun, Samuel (ed.). 2003. The Problems of Urbanization in Nigeria. Lagos: Zed

Chazan, Paula et al. 1998. A History of Africa. Boulder, CO: Lynne Reinner

Bardon, John. 2003. “Domestic Violence in South Africa: Finding Solutions.”
(, May 13).

Busia, Abenaa. 1995. Remaking the Asante Nation. New York: Praeger.

Cousins, John. 2004. The Development Paradox: The Kenyan Experience.
London, England: Oxford University Press.

“Domestic Violence in South Africa: Finding Solutions.” May 13, 2006.

Johnson, Samuel. 1994. “The African Dilemma: Ethnicity and National Unity.”
Journal of African Studies 2, (11). 75-8

It is ok whatever topic will be. However, I would like to write about "Egypt" and if you talk about "pharaoh", it will be great.

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Title: Egypt

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1851 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: In January-February 2011, Egyptians mounted a revolution that led to the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak. Since the revolution, there has emerged considerable debate among scholars as to whether this year's events are comparable to those of past revolutions in the area. In less than 2000 words, develop an argument which explores both the parallels and the contrasts between the 2011 Egyptian revolution and a historical Middle Eastern revolution. You may choose from such upheavals as the Urabi revolt (Egypt), the young Turk Revolution, the 1919 Revolution (Egypt) the 1952 Revolution (Egypt) the Algerian Revolution, and the Islamic Revolution (Iran)

The essay should mount a close comparative analysis of PRIMARY SOURCES to support your argument. These primary sources may be either textual (eg, speeches, pamphlets, manifestoes, interviews, memoirs.) or visual (eg. photos, cartoons, posters, videos) For the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, you should draw upon primary Sources from the following websites:

Essays are evaluated for clarity, organization, insight, and originality. Perfect grammar, spelling, and syntax required.

For the historical Middle Eastern revolutions, please consult the list of primary sources below.


Ayatollah Ruholla Khoemini, “Iran in Imperialism’s Clutches” (Gettleman and Schaar, p. 255)
•Wilfrid Scawen Blunt and Ahmad Urabi, Secret History of the English Occupation of Egypt:
•Alexander Meyrick Broadley, How We Defended Arabi and His Friends:
•The Modern Middle East: A Sourcebook for History:
•“Gamal Abd al-Nasser: from Egypt’s Liberation, 1953,” p. 73
•“The aftermath of revolution in the Ottoman cartoon space, 1909-1910,” p. 108
•“Two views of women fighters during the Algerian War of National Liberation, 1957,” p. 214
•Gamal Abdel Nasser, The Philosophy of the Revolution:
•Photo Archive of 1979 Iranian Revolution:
•Iranian Revolutionary Posters:
•“Stirring a nation: Symbols of the 1979 revolution”:
•Khomeini’s Islamic Government:
•Photo Archive of the Algerian Revolution:

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