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Title: Director Tim Burton and the Auteur Theory

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Essay Instructions: This is a paper for a senior in college completing a film minor. In coherent, clear and correct english grammar,
focus on the auteur theory specifically, the director Tim Burton. Auteurs are involved in every aspect of the filmmaking process and, therefore, each film they make has certain elements that allow the audience to know that it was directed by "so and so"... in our case, Tim Burton.

Particularly focus on the film Ed Wood and its similaries and differences from other Tim Burton films. Films that can be used in the essay include, but are not limited to,

Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, Batman, Batman Returns, Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland (coming out in 2010), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You do not have to focus in on each of the previously listed films, but rather choose which have elements that can be directly compared to Ed Wood. (Ed Wood being Tim Burtons only real film not with some aspect of fantasy). You must write this paper from the viewpoint of a film student who is aware of cinematic terms and procedure.

Please use 4 sources for the bibliography in MLA format. The sources can ONLY be from books. They may not be internet sources!!! Our coursebook is entitled, "Signs and Meaning in the Cinema" by Peter Wollen. Chapter 2 is entitled "The Auteur Theory". This will be a great help, try to utilize this book for one of the bibliography sources.

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