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Title: Assessment of educational system

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Essay Instructions: Write a careful assessment of our educational system discussing strengths,weaknesses,and opportunities for our schools.What should be the role of each of the following to improve our schools:teachers/parents/local school boards/state gov'ts/federal gov't.Be sure to include aspects of financing,values,accountability,cirriculum,teacher training and development.AVOID overgeneralizations by giving specific examples,such as recommendations of organizations[ie,Carnegie Foundation/professional groups/NEA/AFT]university and gov't studies[ie,National Commission on Educational Reform],etc.I realize that these specifications cover a very large range of topics and aspects for only a five page paper.Please use your best discretion and emphasize at least three crucial areas in more depth,but touch the surface of all specified areas.Again, make sure you are specific by giving examples and recommendations.I do not want any quotes used in this paper. I would prefer to paraphrase the ideas and recommendations of a cited source.Finish the example paper with a short but convincing conclusion emphasizing the paper's ideas and recommendations that will improve our current educational system.Below, I have included some of the questions the writer should consider(But not limited to)on certain topics and aspects expected to be covered.SCHOOL BOARDS:Are they in need of change?How much control and power should they have?Should more power be shifted to state gov'ts,or stay with local school boards?Why do we have local school boards?FEDERAL GOV'T:What's their ideal role?Comment on the "No Child Left Behind" law recently implemented.TEACHERS:How can we improve the life and roles of a teacher?Would merit pay,increased salaries,modify teacher unions protecting bad teachers under tenure?VALUES:Who's values are being taught?Are they being taught at all because of parents?What's realistic?ACCOUNTABILITY:How can we improve it?Do parents have to play a larger role in their children's education?CIRRICULUM:Should our schools be teaching more essential things(Essentialism),or be practicing Progressivism?How about Exsistentialism?If the writer is not clear with my objectives or specifications,please feel free to email me(in a timely fashion before deadline date)before writing the example paper.

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Essay Instructions: Answer two of the following essays in a 2-4 page APA style essay paper. Be sure to use citations. Each essay can be 1-2 pages long.

1. Discuss criticisms of the educational system in the United States. Include in your answer an assessment of schools as bureaucracies and of the effectiveness of schools.

2. What reforms are being implemented, or might be implemented, in schools in the United States to overcome some of the problems discussed in the text?

3. How is education in Japan similar to education in the United States? How does it differ?

4. What is the extent of religiosity in the United States? How does the United States compare with other nations?

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You can choose two in 4 on your own, and write each essay in simple words not complicated or fancy. Each essay in 1 and half pages. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks

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Essay Instructions: Discuss Orr's argument for the relationship between Principles and Education.

Book titled: Earth in Mind By David W. Orr
these are the requirements and it should be a philisophical format essay
Choose ONE of the questions below and write a philosophical essay. Essay must be 3-4 pages, have a clear Thesis and offer a sound conclusion. Essays must also work closely with the course material, including Direct Citations. For example, "we cannot know the thing-in-itself" (Kant, p.859). While a misspelled word here and there will not count against your grade, if poor grammar makes it difficult to follow your argument your grade will reflect this fact. Remember, we have a Writing Center in the library that will work with you on your grammar. This is a good service even for those comfortable with writing. Have fun with this, but think critically about what you are saying and why.
And the essay must be doubled spaced

1) Discuss Orr's argument for the relationship between Principles and Education.

2) Why does Orr argue that our current educational system is failing?

3) How are we to understand the meaning of "natural order"?

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Title: comparison betwwen american and european educational system

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Essay Instructions: This complex topic is just a research proposal for the final master thesis.
Some of the topics I have thought of are:
- Trends in today's education
- American educational system vs. the rest of the world
- Effectiveness of European System

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