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Title: educational goals

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Essay Instructions: In two pages, typed, double spaced in 12 point Times or Times Roman font, please respond to the following essay question. Limit your writing time to single, two-hour sitting. No research is necessary. Note: Attracting and holding your reade's attention matters. Write less because you have an assignment to complete than a reader tko intrest.

What are your educational goals and why?

To be to your help to write this paper my intrest is in getting my bachelor degree in Criminal Justice then further my education in becoming a Forensic Scientist. Any more question pertaing to this just email me. Also will it be possible to send the finished paper 3pm central time? I have class at 5pm central time and this will give me time to review. Thank You Joann

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Title: Educational Goals

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Essay Instructions: The following are the three areas of concentration for the Bachelor of University Studies
-Studies in financial planning
-Communication studies

A written proposal clearly stating my educational goals using the following questions as a guide:
-Why you have chosen the three areas of concentrations? (given above)
-How do your three areas of concentrations formulate a coherent field of specialization?
-What are your plans to utilize your three areas of concentrations after graduation?

These statements must be thoughtful exploration of your goals, essay style in a professional format using correct spelling and grammar. There is to be NO cited information from any source this is a personal essay with your thoughts on these areas of concentration.

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Title: Statement of Career and Educational Goals Postbaccalaureate Paralegal Studies

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Essay Instructions: Hamline Postbaccalaureate Paralegal Certificate Personal Statement of Career and Educational Goals

Naveena Koka

As we were ringing in the New Year and watching the ball drop on television, little did we realize that a bombshell was soon to drop on our family. My mother received a phone call and we soon saw her cheery face change to gloom. She later told us that my uncle’s wife walked out on him and took his daughter along with her. She explained how my uncle and his wife were going to file for a divorce after 24 years of marriage. As I witnessed my uncle’s divorce process unfold over the last few months, I could see the emotional and physical toll that the legal ramifications of the divorce took on him. The legal proceedings of battling over child support and custody to property settlements in my uncle’s divorce, however, aroused my interest in family law and my interest to pursue a postbaccalaureate paralegal certificate.

My undergraduate experience at the University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts as a psychology major prepared me to tackle challenging studies by developing my analytical, deductive reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Analyzing case studies in my psychology courses enabled me to analyze situations from different perspectives, leading to a refined method of thinking that has helped me to interact better with my college peers as well as develop good interpersonal communication skills, which are necessary for legal studies. My work as a research assistant in a cognitive psychology lab in my senior year gave me experience in encoding and analyzing data as well as provided me experience in using analytical tests and interpreting statistical data. Bookkeeping of participants’ demographic information also further developed my organizational skills. Having been a research assistant, I have gained a reasonable understanding of research design and statistics to conduct research. For my senior major project, I wrote a research paper on an empirical study that investigated the role of change detection in studies of visual attention in the field of cognitive psychology. This paper was awarded the Sharon Borine award for the best major project in Psychology that term because of its adherence to APA (American Psychology Association) guidelines, and for my successful demonstration of conveying my research on paper. I believe my research experience will help me in conducting legal research and the success of my research paper demonstrating my strong written skills will be essential for me when I have to create legal documents.

My volunteer work of packaging meals at “Feed My Starving Children” developed in me a keen sense of awareness and understanding regarding the fragility of human life and a renewed appreciation of my simple comforts. My volunteer work at senior centers, convalescent homes, and assisted living centers allowed me to entertain seniors and assist them in their daily living activities. Interacting with elderly residents in these facilities provided me a chance to interact and communicate with individuals who were not in my age-group, invoking a type of sensitivity towards individuals who were different from me and who were faced with challenging circumstances.

Like my volunteer work opened up my eyes to the realities of the world, similarly, I would like to open my eyes to the realities of the law profession and to the realities that lawyers have to face beyond the glamorized images painted by television serials. I believe the experience that I gain as a paralegal will allow me to witness firsthand what lawyers do and how they do it by giving me an opportunity to work closely alongside lawyers to assist them in their professional activities. Since my long-term goal is to become a lawyer, I think that my experience as a paralegal will not only give me valuable law-related experience, but it will also help me to save up for law school, as well as help me to decide whether law school is right for me.

After researching other paralegal certificate programs, I feel that the paralegal certificate program at Hamline is by far the best in meeting my educational and career goals. The Postbaccalaureate Paralegal Certificate program at Hamline will allow me to continue my education in a liberal arts university. It will offer me a high-quality legal education because of its highly accredited law school, and the knowledgeable faculty comprising of law professors, experienced paralegals, and lawyers will provide me with the expertise and high quality of teaching that I seek for. I not only look forward to the excellent resources that Hamline offers, but also to the enriching learning experiences of working alongside highly competent lawyers and law students.

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Title: Proper Planning education and career goals

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Essay Instructions: Proper Planning Career and Educational Goals.

Power point presentation
1 Page on Proper Planning education and career goals

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