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Title: A case study of teacher beliefs in contemporary science education goals and classroom practices

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Essay Instructions:;content

copy and paste the above site, after reading the above article complete the following
A case study of teacher beliefs in contemporary science education goals and classroom practices
Write a brief essay in which you:
A. Briefly describe the subjects or participants in the research study.
B. Briefly summarize the methodology, procedures, and instruments used.
Note: Some studies may not include all of this information; if the information is not in the article, you do not need to include it.
C. Describe the data analysis procedures.
D. Determine the adequacy of the analysis.
E. Describe the results of the study.
F. Determine the adequacy of the results of the study.
G. Describe the conclusions of the research study.
H. Determine the adequacy of the conclusions based on the analysis and the results.
I. Describe how the data analysis, results, and conclusions for a research study are interrelated.
J. Include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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Title: Master in Criminal Justice Admission Essay

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Essay Instructions: In a direct and concise essay of 800-1200 words (or about 150-250 words per question) you should respond to the following five questions:

1. How will the MS degree in Criminal Justice help you achieve your personal, vocational, and/or education goals?

(Consider: How will this degree advance your personal, vocational, and education interests? Why do you want to earn this particular graduate degree? Is the anticipated average time of completing the program [2-3 years] appropiate for your goals?)

2. What is your preparedness for, and understanding of graduate-level study in Criminal Justice?

(Consider: What is your understanding of graduate level study and how it is different from undergraduate? How has your undergraduate degree prepared you for this program?)

3. What concentration are you planning to pursue and why?

(Please provide some information about why you are interested in the concentration you have selected? Have you already taken classes, studied independently, or have professional experience within this area?)

*Homeland Security is the degree that I want to pursue. My experience is from the terrorism/homeland security courses that I've already taken through this school both online and cd rom.Additionally, I have gained alot of experience with the time I've served in the Navy.

4. What is your experience in, and/or apitude for completing academic work at a distance?

(Consider: Have you taken online courses, correspondence courses or pursued independent study? How do you study and learn outside of a traditional classroom setting? Do you foresee any challenges to completing your degree online?)

*My experience is from the terrorism/homeland security courses that I've already taken through this school both online and cd rom.

5. What special abilities, qualities or life experiences will you bring to the program?

The following criteria will guide the admissions committee in its assessment of your essay.
- Is the MS in Criminal Justice appropriate for your professional and personal goals?
-Do you demonstrate the necessary writing skills, motivation, academic preparation, and intellectual maturity to succeed in the program?
-Are you capable of successfully completing the program.

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Essay Instructions: This is a personal statement for University of Waterloo . I'm applying for the Mathematics (Co-op and Regular ) .

Please write an essay stating the reasons for choosing your program at waterloo

1. Education Goals
2. Interest in chosen programs
3. reasons for applying to University of Waterloo ( This essay should be 2 pages long )

Another short essay is going to be around 250 word stating informations about extra-curricular activities .

( I was the captain of our school badminton team when i was in grade 10 , I like math , I have written the Singapore math olympic and Euclid Contest , and I got Distinction on both contests . I was the member of student council when I was in my secondary school in Singapore . I also interested in organizing school events , international stock market , and counting card when i play blackjack with my classmates . )

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