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Title: Education in third world countries

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Essay Instructions: Education in third world countries
how kid don't have the opportunity to get education, i want a really good paper,please do your best

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Essay Instructions: Education
Education: Is College a right or a privilege?.... Compared to other countries’ .value we place on ed reflected in its access-

for public school (in California) I agree with we have to make a free to go a college.( I need strong reasons!)

Here is a suggested structure:

-Argumentative Thesis =

Although (c), (a) because (b)
b=reasoning (premises)
c= opposition




Answer to Opposition/ASSERTION

Restate thesis, summarize the essay, call for action

4-5 pages
more than Three secondary academic sources

Note: I'm from Korea. I want you to write about other coutries' situation of Education. How they are concerened about ecducation.

Education: Is College a right or a privilege?.... Compared to other countries’ value we place on ed reflected in its access

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Essay Instructions: Education



please write three lessons plan according to the attached performa. YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY THREE LESSON PLANS THAT ARE RELATED TO THE CULTURAL ASPECTS SUCH AS FOOD Recipe or any lessons . Page one and two are to be stayed as it is. you will be working from page 3 and after as I provide you with an example of a lesson plan in the performa and you can change the information according to your lessons gradually.
please, then write a critical analysis in the end of the performa as to why (rationale) you teach these lessons such as education and culture related issues. these lessons have to be taught according to communicative integrative approach, the method is also needed to be mentioned . please in your analysis relate some pedagogical theories to support your argument.

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Title: Education remains forgotten learned school Einstein What understand statement Develop argument advances statement refuses

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Essay Instructions: Education is what remains after one has forgotten what was learned in school(Einstein)

What do you understand by the above statement?Develop an argument that both advances the statement and refuses it?

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