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Title: history of economics

Total Pages: 3 Words: 954 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I need one page response to each one of the following three questions, i will be sending my class notes that would answer these question. however the answer to Question # 2 is strictly from the PDF file i will attach to the Email:

1) Identify the changing role of money in economic relations in both precapitalist and early capitalist systems. Be sure to include a discussion of similarities or differences in production for use and production for gain in your answer.

2- Describe Four characteristics of ancient or pre-capitalist systems as identified by Polanyi in the “Aristotle Discovers the economy” reading ( I will be sending a pdf file to cover that). Be sure to include a discussion of principles governing exchange in pre-capitalist systems in you answer.

3) Describe the balance of trade mercantilist period. Be sure to identify the nation- state policies designed to promote trade and discuss discuss the gains and loss associated with each policy.

Please Note that i will send an Email with two attachment a word file and a PDF file.

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Title: why India changed foreign economic foreign policy since 1991

Total Pages: 24 Words: 6660 Sources: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: There should be 3 chapters

Chapter 1 - Indian foreign policy {2400 words}

Chapter 2 - Why Indian foreign economic policy changed since 1991 + Indian foreign economic relations with USA, ASEA, EU and ARAB COUNTRIES. {2400 words}

Chapter 3 - Conclusion (why i selected this topic and what i wanted to achieve) {2400 words}

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Title: International Business Law

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1758 References: -10 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The United States and Jordan Free Trade Agreement (signed on October 24, 2000 and entered into force December 17, 2000). It is the fourth free trade agreement that the United Stated has negotiated and the first FTA between the United States and an Arab country, and it is also the first United States FTA which included explicit language (in the body of the text) provisions for labor and environment obligations. The paper should explore:
1. how does the U.S. - Jordan FTA builds on other regional agreements that the United States had signed such as the investment framework agreements with Turkey (2001), Egypt (1999) and Morocco (1985).
3. Specific provisions of the agreement such as labor, tariff elimination, services, intellectual property rights and the mechanism to resolve disputes. Special emphasis should be placed on labor and environnmental laws (labor and environmental laws adhered to US laws and Jordan doesn''t have to uphold to them)
4. A brief comparative analysis of the United States - Jordan FTA and previous FTAs that the United States had negotiated and the potential conflicts emerging from these agreements, on the international and domestic levels.
5. The interaction between MEAs (multilateral environmental agreements) and this US-Jordan bilateral agreement.
6. Identifying the potential conflicts, presenting available options/alternatives and my recommendations to resolve the potential conflicts.

The Paper must include bibliography of 10 sources. No introduction, exeuctive summary is needed. Helpful sources include: (1)Jackson John Howard: The World Trading System: Law and Policy of International Economic Relations (Second Edition 1997). MIT Press. (2) Friedman Thomas L: The Lexus and The Olive Tree (2000). Random House.

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Title: International Political Economy

Total Pages: 20 Words: 5133 Works Cited: 20 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The paper should deal with some issue in international political economy. Kindly choose one of the below topics:

1- Globalization of the world economy
2-The politics of U.S.-Japanese, U.S.-European, or U.S.-Chinese trade
disputes and trade negotiations
3- The Arab spring and its political and economic implication on the Middle
4-The "greening" of the multinational corporation and the growing
importance of environmental concerns in the world economy more
5- The current financial crisis (or the crises in Asia, Argentina, Mexico,
Russia, or Brazil)
6-The political economy of Russia and its relationship to the development of
Russian democracy
7-International economic summits and international economic coordination
8-North-South economic relations and remnants of the debate over the "new
international economic order"
9-The rise of Wal-Mart as a globalizing multinational corporation
10-The international political economy of international drug trafficking
11-Anti-globalization movements around the world
12-The impact of new technologies (e.g., the Internet, biotechnology,
nanotechnology) on international politics
13 Economic and social problems of the Fourth World (the poorest countries)
and proposals for how to solve them.

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