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Title: Cummunity Development by the Corporations

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Essay Instructions: Economic development has been broadly referred to as the actions of communities, policymakers, and businesses to enhance the economic health of a locale. The efforts to develop the local economy may come in many forms: infrastructure development, human capital enhancement, job creation, etc. Discuss what your organization is doing to further economic development in your locale at the current time and what its plans to do so in the future are.

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Essay Instructions: 8 pages. Project should be written from a conculatants perspective. This company has hired you to advise them on how to fix their problem. Provide a consultants report which summarizes the problem(s) presented in the case, your professinal opinion of the underlying causes of the problems, offer a way to rectify the problem. Topic: State Economic Development Agency. Will email paper.

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the economic development of Western and Eastern Europe during the 19th and 20th centuries. Include in your essay an explanation of important economic institutions and practices. Compare and contrast these institutions and practices, analyze how they worked, and discuss how they affected both domestic and international affairs over time (for example, the involvement of economic institutions and practices in developing social classes and/or caste systems).

Events, movements, etc. that you should take into account in your essay are:

the Industrial Revolution
the ?Isms? that played a role in shaping the economic history of Western Civilization
the evolution of the world economy through the 19th century and into the 20th century
the Russian Revolution
the Great Depression
the New Deal
the economic recovery after WWII
Europe after the cold war
Globalization and the new economy that has emerged
Point out the relevance of the developments you examine to Western Civilization today.

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Title: Economics

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Essay Instructions: A scholarly paper in International Trade. (master''s level).
The sources must be from well known Economic Journals, not Internet. The paper must include footnotes in each page. And the paper must include specific facts, not to be in general. It must include Technical analysis and graphs. It has to be written in 12-point, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, footnote in each page, And a complete citation and references.
The topic of the scholarly paper:

Economic Development And Trade:

The paper will explain the correlation between the Economic Development and Trade, and how developing countries are facing obstacles that creates natural fence between the developing countries and benefiting from Trading internationally with developed countries. Including the Economic instrument you will use in this paper. And technical analysis and graphs. Not to be in general. And a footnotes in each page.

P.S. The sources must be from a well known Economic Journals, so I can find them in the university''s library.

The paper may include appendixes not more than two pages.

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