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Title: Economics of Developing Countries

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Essay Instructions: Economics of Developing Countries

Give an explanation of the "Coordination Failure" problem. Provide a real-life example.
Discuss why the government is sometimes considered a part of the problem rather than the solution and does this make the problem hopeless?

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Title: Economics

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Essay Instructions: Economics is concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of desired goods and services. Compare and contrast the phenomena of “production and cost in the short-term” and “production and cost in the long-term.”

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Title: Economic Indicators

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Essay Instructions: Economic Indicators Project

From the"List of Economic Indicators",you will find a listing of some of the major economic indicators used by macro-economists analyze and predict trends in the economy of the United States.

Choose Eight (8) indicators ( sources ) of these, [ no more than TWO from each of the subsections ] and "Track" these indicators over a period of the most recent 6-8 consecutive months. Most indicators will be monthly, some will be weekly, and a few will be quarterly (every three months) and a few will be daily (e.g. stock market indexes).

You need to organize the data you have collected into a single table, with horizontal rows for the 8 different indicators, and 6 - 8 columns for each of the months for which the data was collected. Quarterly data will fill only every fourth column, so be sure to cover two full quarters (3 entries); weekly or daily data should be consolidated into monthly entries, which can be done by picking data on the first or the last day of each month. You may use "raw" absolute numbers, or you may use percentage changes from one month to the next. Percent changes are often easier to interpret.

After the data has been collected and organized, try to determine whether any patterns or trends become discernable. (Are the numbers steadily rising or falling? Is there a lot of fluctuation (up and down) in the data? Do any of the categories of data appear to move together or counter to each other?) You are not expected to be an expert economic analyst, but report what you see as best you can and, if possible, see if you can figure out what all this data means in terms of where the macroeconomy is going. If you have the skill, some of the data you present may be graphed for clarity and comparison.

The paper need to be organized with clarity of which it is presented. Keep your analysis of the material simple and direct. You may choose to comment on each of the indicators separately, or to comment on clusters of indicators that seem to move in similar fashion.

The project should be 3 pages : one for the comprehensive table, one for your comments and, if you so choose, one for additional material such as graphs showing the trends you have discovered.

P/s: check the resources for " List of Economic Indicators "

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Essay Instructions: Economics

Page 1: Watch this video and read some of the comments. Write a response that answers the question: "Should something be done to help people that can't afford current ticket prices go to football games? If so, what?" Your response can be written written and/or graphic (supply, demand, etc. curves). You should include a description of the situation that the narrator is describing and explain the economic principles that you can identify in the story, like the income elasticity of demand and the price elasticity of supply.

Page 2: (see p.65 attached handout) What is Adam Smith's "Law of Population"? Compare it to Thomas Malthus's "Principle of Population."

Write intelligently, be succinct.

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