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Essay Instructions: Ecommerce

You are starting a new ecommerce business. The business is an online health, well-being and fitness business. You are required to write a business report, clearly developing the business concept, customer groups and suggested innovation for the project and how the theories of ecommerce relate to it, imagining how the business operates and develop an idea of how it might operate using ecommerce.
More specifically, in this report, discuss the following:
1. Information Communication Technology Strategies (300 words) ? Discuss the ICT and ecommerce relationship and how the innovation improves business processes. For example, explain how Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, and Enterprise Resource Planning systems are linked to ecommerce to improve business processes and adds value. Briefly discuss possible security risks and threats that may need to be addressed.
2. Time to market and costings (250 words) ? Detail how long it will take to implement your innovations eg. Gannt charts or timelines. Include costings for your innovations, trying to be realistic but basically guestimating.

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Title: Choose Australian E commerce Website and write a report

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1332 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: E-commerce IT Assignment
**ATTENTION** May only choose of Australian E-commerce website to write a report.

- Word Lengths: 1200 words maximum
-Also provide a link to the example of a successful Australian site you are going to write a report about.
- Use of an Australian e-commerce site and write up report based on the following:

The Internet is becoming more and more a part of the modern business environment. This is the concept of Electronic Commerce (e-commerce), and businesses need to consider the impact it will have on the way that they will function. Many reports to Government have highlighted the need for Australian business to embrace e-commerce in order to remain viable and competitive in today’s global economy.

You are the CKO of a business and you prepare a report for your CEO outlining the potential impacts and benefits ecommerce could offer your organization.

To do this you will need to:
1. Investigate the available literature to discover what e-commerce means, what benefits it offers businesses, both large and small, and the impact that it is having on the business community in general.
2. From this write a brief report that could be presented to any business manager.
3. Your report must be in generalized language (NON-TECHNICAL) that could be read and understood by any level of management.
4. This means that it must be in a professional, businesslike manner and that you must use correct referencing, grammar (no slang or contractions of words) and spelling.
5. You are to include details of one example of a successful Australian e-commerce implementation. Discuss the site and its features stating why (in your opinion) the website is or is not effective.

Ensure that you read widely in this area, and correctly reference the material you read. You may be using mostly newspaper, magazine, journal articles and the Internet for your principal source materials, as the information in textbooks may not be current enough. HOWEVER do not rely completely on web based material. Demonstrate that you are well read and accessed a wide range of communication mediums.

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Title: eCommerce Business Analysis

Total Pages: 1 Words: 383 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Provide a paper with the following specifications:

What is eCommerce and eBusiness? What are the most significant differences between a brick and mortar business and eCommerce?
Visit an e-commerce site serving a niche market and assume that you have been asked to analyze the business. Conduct a simulated SWOT analysis on the Web site, including providing answers to the questions listed in Section 3.2.2 (attached). Be sure to include a SWOT diagram embedded in your text (Hint: Use Word/Insert/Table functions)

Response should be no less than 2-3 pages (not counting the cover page and references page), supported with credible references and submitted in a APA format.
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Title: e commerce

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1986 Sources: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: It is really urgency. I need to get this paper at least by 1:00 pm tomorrow. It is about the ecommerce that you have to create the online business. It is required an executive summary why you want to open this and company description and industry analysis(size, structure,success factors,trends etc.)market analysis(buyer behavior, competitive analysis,estimate of annual sales etc.)and marketing plan(strategy, pricing strategy, cycle etc.)and company structure(management team, BOD, etc..)operation plan(location, facilities and equipments,procedures,etc.)and product design and development plan(risks, costs etc.)financial projections(sources, assumptions sheet,pro forma income statement/balance sheet/cash flow) ratio analysis, appendices . This is really urgent so please send it to me asap! Thanks!

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