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Title: Ebonics

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Essay Instructions: This paper explores the controversy over Ebonics (African American Vernacular
English). It addresses the basic question of just what is Ebonics. Is it a separate
language, a dialect, slang, bad grammar, or really not a distinct entity? It explores
the issue of its portrayal in the popular media. It investigates the hypotheses about
the matter of its origins and history. Are its origins traceable to the language systems
of Africa, or is it a variant of Southern English? Further, it explores the practical
question of how to approach the education of African American children whose home
speech is Ebonics. Should a goal in the education of these children be the purging of
Ebonics so that it does not interfere with the mastery of Standard English, or should
Ebonics be used as a vehicle for learning Standard English?

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Title: Ebonics

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Essay Instructions: As you are well aware, many sub-groups in the United States use a different way of speaking and in different settings. Please describe "in your own words" your understanding of what Ebonics is, as well as your experience with this form of speaking, which is usually attributed to African Americans.

Provide at least one example of a word used in Ebonics or characterize how a particular word might be expressed.

Please describe your view of its use in professional settings versus personal situations.

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Essay Instructions: TITLE is "Fighting for Your Coutry... Is it Worth it? the Stat's say No" (please help with title format)

6 page arguemantative paper stating the facts for not fighting for you country (USA). Some of my topics include family seperation (divorce, child problems), death toll(iraq, vietnam), underpaid military, post war syndrome. Plus anything else.

I need a Thesis Statement, rough draft, works cited page.
doesnt need to be A+ paper. No big words because I speak alot of slang and ebonics. I usually use online ref's but not limited to them.

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Title: sociology

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Essay Instructions: This is for THE SOCIOLOGY OF MASS COMMUNICATIONS/BLACK IN THE ELECTRONIC MEDIA class There are two question, "Question one" for one page and "Question two" for two page, but I want to have same writer for doing two question. so I put in 3 page. but question one and two are diffrent.
This is for freshmen college level and This is not racism or anything like that I do not feel that way on the paper. It is not about what author said or what it means.
the recent release of the movie Barbershop is the only black movie production that has maintained an impressive standing as one of the top movie releases for 2002. Very few if any movie productions with a Back cast and black theme have been able to compete favorably with mainstream Hollywood major studio releases. Many have heralded this breakthrough as a major success and an indication that the racial barriers that closed African descent professionals out of the industry are being eliminated.
Do you agree or disagree? Please support your argument with references from the required readings. Your response should also include historical references to other successful Black motion pictures that have been unable to compete in the movie market place.

Using this open pledge as a reference, analyze the letter using references from the books Toms, Coon, Mulattoes, Mammies and Bucks by Donald Bogle and The Black Image in the White Mind by Robert Entman and Andrew Rojecki.

The writer of the pledge defines coon in the following way:
A person who is in a position ( like a celebrity, entertainer, politician or corporate executive) to work towards dispelling Black racial stereotypes, but instead through his or her behavior perpetuates them in order to advance their own career or agenda.
Does the writer of the pledge definition of ?Coon? differ from Bogle?s definition? Is this kind of colorful language unfair to people of African descent and is it another way of ?blaming the victim??
The depiction of the Black image continues to be a serious issue in the Electronic and Print media. Can labeling whites and white society as racist simply explain this controversy regarding the depiction of Blacks as degrading characters?
Are there similar terms to describe White actor in the industry? And if not why not? What does that mean if there are not comparable classifications?

by Omari A. Brandt
I pledge to stop being a coon by, .
NO longer shuckin? and jivin? and grinin? with my eyes bugged out like a coon just to get a cheap laugh and gain acceptance from white people. I accept myself, I am proud to be black and I respect other cultures whether they respect mine or not. (why is there such a preoccupation with acceptance from White people? Is ethnic pride somehow intertwined with white acceptance and if so why? What does the literature say about the power of dominant group?s perception of people of African descent and how that perception plays a profound role in the formation of public policy and pluralism?)
Respecting the legacy of trailblazing black entertainers of the past, such as Bert Williams, Alvin Childress and Spencer Williams Jr. (Amos ?n Andy) and Hattie McDaniel who were brilliant entertainers. but were forced to play stereotypical roles because of racism. Because of their sacrifices, I don?t have to behave like that anymore.? (What makes Bert Williams, Hattie McDaniel and Spencer Williams Jr. significant and enduring figures on screen and stage? Are there redeeming qualities these characters possess that remain near and dear to the African American community? Is it fair to their legacy to suggest that Whoopie Goldberg, Eddie Murphy and Will Smith are extensions of these legendary black figures of stage and screen?) Refraining from constantly telling jokes and making cheap statements about such things as chicken wings, watermelon and needing sex all the time. When done skillfully and in proper context like Moms Mabley or Richard Pryor used to do, these jokes are ok. But when overdone, these comments perpetuate negative and false stereotypes. Nobody can have sex all day, every day. Even prostitutes take lunch breaks. Humor, irony the ?dozens? are an integral part of African descent culture.(What makes the humor of Richard Pryor who also denigrated African American people any different from the humor espoused by Cedric the Entertainer or other Black comedians on BET who freely use the term ?nigger? and other terms they refer to as endearing to Black people)
Trying very hard to stop using words and phrases in public like ?fit-n-ta? man or are best used at the dinner table with family and friends who understand them.( If linguist have validated Black dialect (see J.L Dillard?s work) as a credible means for people to communicate with one another, what makes it inappropriate for Black actors, performers and people in general to use slang, and Ebonics? Is it somewhat of contradiction and a double standard to evaluate the language patterns of African descent people on a different standard and scrutiny than the on used to judge others who speak pigeon English and other informal derivations of the romance languages?) Staying true to my art and convictions in the spirit of such great heroic entertainers like Paul Robeson and Cicely Tyson, who years ago during times of even more severe racism than we see now, didn?t ?coon out? for lesser demeaning acting roles even when things looked bleak and their careers were on the line. (How significant are Paul Robeson and Cicely Tyson in analyzing the history of African descent people on the Silver Screen. Are there parallels between these actors of the past and contemporary actors like Denzel Washington and Haile Berry?)

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