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Title: East of Eden

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Essay Instructions: While East of Eden is not essentially about conflicts between men and women, Steinbeck does see differences between the two.
1. According to Steinbeck, what are the major characteristics of women? Examine how he develops the female characters in the novel. Compare and contrast Alice Trask, Cathy Trask, Liza Hamiliton, Abra Trask. What are their roles in the novel?
2. What is Steinbeck's view of men in society? Which characteristics do they share? How is each an individual? How are the conflicts related to the story of Cain and Abel? What is the effect of the conflicts on your understanding of the novel?

In the left-hand corner of the first page please write:
Brittini Tribbett
East of Eden Essay
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Essay Instructions: Argues a confluence, through-line, distinct friction, or otherwise specific relation between theology and literature using the texts we’ve read in class. A successful essay will be one that identifies a textual/literary/theological problem or question and then argues a thesis in response to it??"citing and analyzing textual evidence in an organized and cogent fashion. You may choose to explore how the literary imagination and form affects or speaks to theology, or, conversely, you may choose to explore how theology affects or speaks to literary imagination and form.

Please use the book "East of Eden by Steinbeck for the literature part and Anselm of Canterburry: The Major Works (Oxford World Classic) for the theology part".

SparksNotes has a lot of summary of the book for both book.

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Title: Literature as psychology

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Essay Instructions: There are just some questions that i need answered but i dont know where to begin. I am Blocked.

1. 3 differences and 3 similarities between psychology and literature

2. Giva an example and explain how socialpsychological issues are portrayed in literature.

3. In what instinces has bibliotherapy been found to be useful is psychotherapy? give an opinion on this topic...Do you beleive that this alternative is clinically effective ?

4. In the book East of Eden, what do you consider to be the main and most relevant message? what would be the social psychological impact or relevancy of that message?

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Title: Pop Culture

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Essay Instructions: As you can see, we’re not asking for a lot here. Just evidence that you did the reading, thought about it, and can make a connection between it and another “text” of your choosing. You needn’t agree with the reading, even though the students in the samples below do.

Write two different examples based on the same submitted reading.

The first one is the strongest of the three (though by no means the strongest we’ve received). It quotes from the week’s reading, applies it to another text , and provides an argument (it is a tad long at 150 words ??" that should be your upper limit on these)

If you submit something really interesting, it might get used in class. Don’t worry, won’t use your name.


This particular clip provides a summary from an individual who believes that she is on the outside of the madness and the blurring of reality that accompanies fanaticism. The film Almost Famous exemplifies the relationship between fans and popular culture. The plot follows what Henry Jenkins calls an “eroticized fan,” a groupie named Penny Lane whose job is essentially “servicing the stars backstage” (Jenkins, 15). Though she does not fit the stereotype of an overweight woman, Penny Lane epitomizes the typical fan; she is ignorant of her own abuse and fails to recognize that her relationship (with the lead member of the band), which she perceives as mutual and romantic, is actually just his taking advantage of her. She was caught saying, “if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends;” this reference to a friendship with popular culture is a clear representation of her skewed beliefs.


I was reading East of Eden this morning by John Steinbeck and came across an interesting comparison of high and low culture that I thought I'd share with you. Describing the development of California in the 19th century, Steinbeck wrote:

"A new country seems to follow a pattern. First come the openers,
strong and brave and rather childlike. They can take care of
themselves in a wilderness, but they are naive and helpless against
men, and perhaps that is why they went out in the first place. When
the rough edges are worn off the new land, businessmen and lawyers
come in to help with the development - to solve problems of
ownership, usually by removing the temptations to themselves. And
finally comes culture, which is entertainment, relaxation, transport out
of the pain of living. And culture can be on any level, and is.

The church and the whorehouse arrived in the Far West
simultaneously. And each would have been horrified to think it was a
different facet of the same thing. But surely they were both intended
to accomplish the same thing: the singing, the devotion, the poetry of
the churches took a man out of his bleakness for a time, and so did
the brothels."

Instead of high and low, this might even be seen as low and lower, as both are referenced as taking man away from the "pain of living," similar to how Adorno sees popular culture as an escape from work.

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