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Title: adult dysthymia

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Essay Instructions: You did my Part A a while back about Adult dysthymia

The following is intended as a guide in writing your case study (Part B). The information should be presented in the order of the large categories (I, II, III, etc.). Within these categories, the information can be presented in any order or combination but all topics should be included. Be sure the case study itself is NOT in outline, but in regular narrative format. Your paper will include:
Identification of the subject
Name (fictitious) age, race, gender

Information Sources
Describe methods you used to gather information about your case and the different sources of information you used (ex. Interviews, observations, conversations with relatives, checklist administered, products developed by subjects, etc.)

Background Information
Family background (significant characteristics, size, socioeconomic level, marital status, occupation, children etc.)
Home atmosphere (value, climate, relationships) Cite evidence for the descriptors used.
Physical characteristics of subject (general description plus characteristics that distinguish the subject (ex. handicaps, skills, size in relation to others etc).
Early childhood, Prenatal, or Birthing information (behavioral characteristics, performances, narratives from parent report and/or checklists)
School history (Schools attended, participation in special programs)

Characteristics which lead one to suspect symptoms of the disorders.
Performance (test scores, products produced, grades, etc.)
Behavioral Characteristics
Cognitive Characteristics
Social/emotional characteristics
Motivational characteristics
Self-Concept (subject’s view of him/herself, talents, socially, and physically)
Personality (introverted vs. extroverted, risk taker, etc.)
Performance in school generally and in special program(s) specifically.
Subject’s interests (information from interviews with subject or parent or teachers, records etc. Cite specific behaviors to support your statements)

General Appraisal/Recommendations/Predictions
Summarize, in one or two paragraphs, your appraisal of the subject based on data presented above. Include strengths and weaknesses.
Make recommendations for meeting the needs of the subject based on your appraisal or make predictions about the future of the subjects based on your appraisal.

Intervention: Prevention and Treatment
Based on your knowledge and research of interventions. Describe in detail an appropriate prevention and treatment plan for your subject’s disorder.

Your pretty much just making up a fake person you has adult dysthymia. You have to describe their symptoms and explain what you would do.
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