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Title: Dwellings Body Home City

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1824 References: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Consider the relations of the following texts: “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe,”The heart of darkness” by Joseph Conrad, “Apology” and “Crito” by Plato; to the theme of Dwellings: Body, Home, City. Every text engages in some way with the concept of dwelling; for example, Plato writes about the individual’s obligations to the State, and etc.

Construct an argument about "dwelling" in those texts. Your thesis should state, in a clear, declarative sentence, that argument. Avoid at all costs uncritical summary!


This is an analytical essay, and it should have an introduction, a body consisting of several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introduction introduces the topic, and it ends in a thesis statement. Your body supports your thesis, using analysis and critical summary. Your conclusion will briefly sum up your argument, and then emphasize why what you had to say is important or interesting.

Title and Documentation:

Your title should be informative and interesting! DO NOT use the title of the text you are writing about as your title. The title should give some clue as to the argument presented in your essay.

Please use the MLA style of documentation for in-text citation and for your Works Cited page.

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Title: A Room of One's Own DWELLING

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Essay Instructions: Essay topic - "How would you characterize the significance of Virginia Woolf's essay "A room of One's Own in relation to the theme of this course.

The theme of this course is "Dwelling"
-Course Description
Dwellings are physical structures that house us; we dwell in a body, in a home, in a village, town, or city. These apparently external structures provide basic conditions for our lives. Paradoxically, however, and often without our realizing it, they affect us mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. We dwell within them, but they dwell within us, and they can both enable our development or become obstacles to it.
Dwellings also carry implications about time and identification. When we linger or “dwell” on an idea, an event, a person, or a place, we find it difficult to let go, and it may quite literally occupy us. Our dwellings, then, shape the ways we identify ourselves and others in both space and time.
In this Arts & Humanities Foundation course, we will consider works of art and philosophy that challenge and inspire us to become more conscious of ways in which we affect and are affected by our dwellings. We will primarily be interested in exploring how the forms and voices that artists and philosophers invent encourage new ways of understanding human “dwellings” in the world.

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Title: Construction BETC

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2069 Bibliography: 12 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: SCENARIO

You have a building contractor who has been building low-rise residential developments for housing clients (among other projects) for many years using traditional construction techniques. The associations must now, though, deliver developments to comply with Housing Corporation requirements for MMC (Modern Methods of Construction), and the contractor is concerned that he is unaware of the new technology that will meet the associations needs , and how it differs from traditional techniques.
The contractor is aware that a Government ??"sponsored design competition in 2005 showed that it is possible to build high ??" quality homes an affordable construction cost.( the Competition’s website is at www.designformanufacture .info and details of the entries and winning designs are available there ).
The contractor also builds low-rise school building (classroom and sports hall), commercial offices and work unit developments , and asks also how the new techniques are of benefit to these vocational types of building as well.

Imagine that you are the client , and are putting a brief together for a building project to build the building this is as follows One building that can be separated into two separate and fully functional dwellings, each having an individual and strong sense of entry for use as two holiday rentals or guest accommodation
1. Both have an open plan living area with a kitchen, dining and lounge area - opening out onto a sun drenched outside living space
2. Parking for 3 cars
3. The two dwellings with have a communal meeting place (kitchen/living)
4. Spaces need to be: (1) light and airy & (2) sunny, warm and inviting in winter and shaded, cool and protected in summer
5. Both dwellings internal spaces must be able to easily interact with gardens and outside areas.
6. All spaces need to multifunctional and not oversized
7. Ample outside space required for kids play area and a possible future pool
8. The dwellings style will be traditional in - materials, roof pitches and proportions but modern in internal finishes
9. The windows and doors will be an integral part of both dwellings using double glassing as required
10. The homes design in its entirety will have a 'classic' and 'nurturing' feel
Dwelling one requirements
1. Two bedrooms
2. One Bathroom that feels like an en-suite but it can also be comfortably accessed by guests
3. Sunny open plan living opening onto the main outside living space
4. Fully functional kitchen
5. Dining space and lounge area
6. Fold-away laundry
7. Physical connection to shared kitchen/living/dining area
Dwelling two requirements
1. Communal kitchen/living/dining area
2. Three bedrooms
3. Study nook
4. Full laundry
5. Private outside living space
6. One bathroom that feels like an en-suite but it can also be comfortably accessed by guests

Task 1
Imagine that you are the Architect , and reply to the client’s brief. Draw a sketch scheme of a possible building . Take approximate measurements of the size of the building by striding out (one stride equals 1 meter ). Write outline specification notes to accompany the drawings giving descriptions of the key elements of your designs . Include opinion about why you think the proposals will gain favourable response from planners to an application for planning permission. Describe the structure of the building in the scheme design . Incorporate consideration of main service utilities.

Task 2
Write a letter to your client asking for him to appoint the specialist designers that you have identified , as the architect , as being necessary to help you. You will need to state your reason for each , and you are to need at least two specialists . In the same letter , ouline to the client for his benefit , the various stages that the design and planning processes will go through and the factors that will affect the decisions that will need to be made along the way.

Task 3
Your client has asked about the timescale of designing and tendering the scheme. Draw a programme of the design team and builder’s activities, in plan of work stages ,
inception to completion of work to the building , in the form of line programme on squared papar. Superimpose the key deliverables, including weather-tight time in the build and the times for planning permissions.

Task 4
Identify , as far as you safety able , those services that are available and write a report on available services to the site for the client . Imagine the enquiries and investigations you would have made and say in the report what enquiries and investigations you have done together with the outcomes . Discuss in the report a comparison of the services Options in providing for the needs of the building in terms of installation and maintenance issues . summarise the limitations imposed upon services installation by legal and health and safety requirements.

Task 5
The client has asked you , as the architect for three options to build the project using MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) write a report for the client , on how MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) may be used and what are the benefits would be in this particular instances . be specific about the building design.

Task 6
Take note of the internal finishing’s and services in the building (or the part you have chosen )- floors, walls and ceilings , hearting , lighting and plumbing . Write an outline proposal to your client include the reasons for chosen finishing’s and services and the used of the building Highlight the Time factor the design and Construction also the Highlight the limitations such as health and safety and legal requirements . This proposal is to obtain client approval before proceeding to a detail design stage.

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Title: Scandinavian Architecture The Evolution of Vernacular

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1657 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The purpose of this research/thesis material is to provide evidence related to the below buildings as to how there has been a progression of vernacular of scandinavian architecture...

Scandinavians have an inherit bond with nature and natural surroundings. I would like there to be a argument that explains the real nature that asplund manipulates in the woodland cemetery compared with Bjarke Ingles mountain synthetic dwellings. (SEE ALL OTHER EXAMPLES AND PICK ADDITIONAL COMPARISONS FROM THE LIST ONLY)

Topic: Scandinavian Design
Specific Focus: The progression and evolution of nature and natural elements as
! ! fundamental characteristics of Scandinavian Design.
Scandinavia is a patchwork of northern European countries that form a cultural and regional entity that is very distinct from the rest of Europe. Sharing a common cultural history the scandinavian countries each possess a unique character that reflects their different geographies and environmental conditions. The purpose of this analysis is to identify the specific character unique to the overall region while also taking into consideration the more local manifestations of this ideology.
Primary Study:
Finland- The works of Alvar Aalto more specifically, the Pensions Institute, Villa Mierea, ! Senyatsolo and Aalto?s Vacation Home
- Eliel Saarnen: Central Station
- Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen Church of the Rock 1969
- JKMM - Viki Church, 2009
- Kari Ja?rvinen and Merja Nieminen, Laajasalo Church, 2006
- Gunnar Asplund: Woodland Cemetery (landscape), Crematorium (Small Chapel) - Stockholm: Hotel from ICE
- Copenhagen, Orstoed- BIG- Mountain Dwellings 2009
Hypothesis/ Thesis Statement:
! Architects in Scandinavia share an inherent bond with nature and the natural landscape. When studying the geographical locations of these nodes and therefore cross referencing their localities to similar cultural conditions a trend is found. It is the intention of this research to research just how the natural landscape is invited into the man made structures that in most cases humbly penetrate the earth. Starting with early modernist-scandinavian architects such as Eliel Saarnen and ending with contemporary projects such as BIG?s mountain dwellings in Copenhagen, this survey will zoom into what exactly makes up the components of Scandinavian design.
Thesis Structure:
1) Introduction: Provide background and history of scandinavia and the key people involved in the foundation of Scandinavian Design: Starting with early Scandinavian art all the way to AA
2) Alvar Aalto
3) Modernist Architecture in Scandinavia SINCE Aalto
4) Contemporary Scandinavian Culture (Architecture)
5) Establish/Outline - A clear timeline/progression in the Scandinavian Design Ideology
6) Conclusion: Stating discoveries made in regards to characteristics that define Scandinavian
Design Culture
Research Materials:
Alvar Aalto:
Scandinavian Design Vernacular: Gunnar Asplund: Woodland Cemetery Bjarke Ingles Group: Mountain Dwellings
Vikki Church, Finland: Laajasalo Church, Finland: Church of the Rock, Finland:

Excerpt From Essay:

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