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Title: dust bowl

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Essay Instructions: this is description of what i need
Annotated Bibliography

As preparation for the historiographical essay you are writing this semester, you are responsible for turning in an annotated bibliography of all ten scholarly monographs that you will be addressing in your rough draft and final essay. This bibliography must include the bibliographic citation for each book, properly formatted according to the Chicago humanities (Turabian) style, and 4-5 sentences summarizing the book’s argument, main points, and significance. For one example of how to approach this assignment, see this guide from UCF:
The bibliography must be in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced, with standard 1”
margins. Include your name, the course number, and the date in the upper corner; also add
page numbers. Follow the online Turabian guide or the Chicago Manual Online, found at (the class handout on citations only includes footnote citation styles). use your own words to describe the text instead of relying on

these are the sources needed
1) the dust bowl: men dirt and depression by paul bonnifield
2) the worst hard time: the untold story of those who survived the great american dust bowl. by timothy egan
3)american exodus: the dust bowl migration and okie culture in california. by james n gregory
4)the dust bowl: and agricultural and social history. by douglas r. hurt
5)rooted in dust: surviving drought and depression in southwestern kansas. by Pamela Riley-Kehrberg.
6)dust bowl migrants in the american imagination. by charles shindo
7)dust bowl: the southern plains in the 1930's
8) dust bowl decent. by Bill ganziel
9)proud to be an okie. by peter La Chapelle
i need another source...and if any of these cant be found as last resort they can b replaced...but must b a scholarly seconddary this possible by weds....

if it goes over 7 pages i can pay extra

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Title: Dust Bowl

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the Dust Bowl of the 1930s in the USA with the similar events that took place in Palliser's Triangle, located near Alberta, Canada during the 1930s.

Main Text: Dust Bowl: The Southern Plains in the 1930s By Donald Worster

Something New Under the Sun: An Enivironmentl History of the Twentieth Century World (pages 41-43)

Do Not have to directly quote from sources but be sure to cite paraphrasing.

Make sure to talk about the causes of the dust bowl such as poor farming techniques, drought, erosion and climate.

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Title: Dust Bowl

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Essay Instructions: I would like the writer hophead

Dust Bowl 1930s

It must be at least 250 words.
You must put some personal information in your report such as what you liked best about the subject, what you find most interesting, why we need to know about this subject, etc. In order for me to catch your personal statement, you should use wording such as, “What I liked best was….”

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Title: E H Carr

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Essay Instructions: 2 books should be used...the Dust Bowl, by Donald Worster, and What is History, by E.H. Carr.

In this paper, you should relate worster's work, using Carr's standards for what makes good history, and conclude with wether or not Worster lives up to Carrs standards.

Focos should be on technology mastery, causation, and study the author before the facts.

Also, what makes a historical fact. Along with brief mentions of other Carr philosophies.

Any other questions, feel free to e mail.


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