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Title: literature poety

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Essay Instructions: I only need the following passages explained in the terms of "what it means". Discuss its significance to the larger thems of the work of each passage.
Volpone by Ben Johnson: lines 30-39, lines 67-76, lines 80-101, and lines 146-151.
The Duchess of Malfi by John Webster: lines 48-57, lines 143-162, lines 74-80 in Act 2 scene 1, lines 258-261 in Act 3 scene 2, and lines 7-21 in Act 5.
Paradise Lost: lines 120-124, lines 250-263, lines 615-621, and lines 659-669.
I don''t know how many pages you will do this in but I am not interested in the number of pages just what each line means. Thanks if you have any questions please phone me at .

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