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Title: Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Essay Instructions: I need an Exemplification Essay on "Drug and Alcohol abuse is a serious problem among many young people."

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Hafetz, David. Jacqueline and Amadeo: Chasing Hope. Austin American Statesman. 2002 May. February 13, 2010. < http://www.helpjacqui.com/pdf/jacqui.pdf>

National Drug Statistics Summary. Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base. 2007. February 13, 2010.

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Title: Employees suffering from drug and alcohol abuse policy

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Essay Instructions: Human Resources Research Project
You must use three references in MLA or APA format. The three references must include a book, an article, and an internet site. Your paper should be not less than 2 nor more than 3 pages in length PLUS the reference page.


While it’s not a topic many employees feel comfortable discussing, the issue of drug and alcohol abuse needs to be addressed, according to the manager of your human resources department. She has chosen you to assess what other companies are doing about employees suffering from drug or alcohol abuse. She wants to know what approaches these companies are taking and what programs they offer. She also wants you to recommend a reasonable policy.

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Reference List

"Drug and alcohol abuse - an important workplace issue." 2009. 18 September 2009 <


Klingner, Donald and O'Neil, Nancy. 1991. Workplace Drug Abuse and AIDS a Guide to Human Resource Management Policy and Practice. Westport: Quorum Books.

"Workplace drug abuse: Your practice is not immune." 2008. Urology Times. 36(9), p.18-19.

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Title: Mental Health Care System

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: The Mental Health Care System - with an emphasis on teens with drug and alcohol abuse (either family history or using themselves), as well as defiant behavior disorder.

The paper needs to be analytical in nature, to deal with an issue or a concept that can be debated.

Please include the following links in your research of this paper:

Staten Island Mental Health Society
(where I am currently employed)

Teens and Mental Health.

Mental Health and Traumatic Events

US Department and Health and Human Services

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Works Cited:

Nissen, p. 15.

AtHealth.com offers a variety of sources that provide for information about adolescent development. It provides the full text of many corresponding articles about development as it relates to treatment as well as access to other mental health community websites and information that provide treatment assistance and professional tools: http://www.athealth.com/Practitioner/Newsletter/FPN_7_8.html

Nissen, p. 16.

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Title: psychological sequele of childhood sexual abuse

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: The project is the basis for a chapter in a larger book about sexual abuse in a religious community .The book is geared to a professional AND NON professional readership consisting of victims of childhood sexual abuse and their families friends,clergy,and therapists. My specific interests are the psychological/psychiatric sequeli of childhood sexual abuse.Included I would like discussions of PTSD and dissociation (include Judith Herman's concept of "complex PTSD"), depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse,and sexual/relationship/personality disorders.
The style should be one that therapists could benefit from but that lay people can understand and relate to.
Obviously the references should be current when appropriate.

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