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Essay Instructions: Drug Testing

Should hospitals test pregnant women for drug use without their consent?

Answer this moral question in terms of the utilitarian considerations, who will be helped and who hurt over the long term, and the matters of rights for all involved (e.g., the right to privacy, warrantless search and seizure). USE the basics of utilitarian and deontological reasoning in order to make out your point.

Write five pages and upload it to coursenet by the end of this module. Make use of the article linked below.

Drug tests of non-consenting pregnant women quashed
American Medical News; Chicago; Apr 9, 2001; Vida Foubister;
The Supreme Court has ruled that physicians and other employees of public hospitals cannot perform drug tests on pregnant women without their consent and report the results to the police. The policy for testing pregnant women developed by the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston violates the Fourth Amendment.

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Bloom, Robert M. Searches, Seizures, and Warrants: A Reference Guide to the United States Constitution. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003.

Colb, Sherry F. "What Is a Search? Two Conceptual Flaws in Fourth Amendment Doctrine and Some Hints of a Remedy." Stanford Law Review 55.1 (2002): 119+.

Roubister, Vida. "Drug Tests of Non-consenting Pregnant Women Quashed." American Medical News; Chicago; 9 April 2001

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Title: adolescents drug and alcohol abuse

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Essay Instructions: drug and alcohol use is the most significant concern
regarding adolescents today. critically evaluate
i want it to be an argument essay to agree with this question. i want the first
body paragraph to talk about the problems the drug and alcohol user may do like
car accedents or repe a girl wh. the second body paragraph should talk about
that the drus and alcohol user lose a large amount of money wiile they under it
effectthoun any advanteges. the third body paragraph should talk about the bad
things that the drug and alcohol like stealing a house. it should have five
academic sourcese at least. three of them should be journal articils. it should
be academic. it should be minimum of 1000 word. it must have a spearate peper
about the refrencese. if you have any good idea in one of the body paragraph to
improve it you can do it. i want it to be excelusive and i do not want it to be
from the internet

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Title: Drug Synthroid

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Essay Instructions: Drug Prototype Paper
5 pages including works cited page
AAPA style
Number pages at top of page right hand corner

Must include the following info:

Pregnancy Category
Discussion of Action
Food & Drug Interactions
Side Effects/Adverse Reactions
Nursing Process

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

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Title: Drug report a specific psychotropic drug Be include 1 A complete history drug 2 Common side effects contraindications 3 A case demonstrating correct usage 4 A complete bibliography 5 sources

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Essay Instructions: Drug report on a specific psychotropic drug. Be sure to include:
1. A complete history of the drug and its uses;
2. Common side effects and contraindications;
3. A case example demonstrating correct usage, and
4. A complete bibliography with at least 5 (five) sources.

At least two of these need to be referred journal articles that are no more than five years in age.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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