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Title: Dress code in schools

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Essay Instructions: Sirs,
I need two essays that address two contrasting audiences while maintaining the same position (required length is 400-450 words for each essay).
The topic is dress codes in schools, and is taken from the news article that I will attach to an email. The name of this document is “Dresscodesinschools.doc”.
The goal of the essays is to persuade each audience to accept the position that the dress codes presented in the article are necessary. This is done by varying the argument/support and tone/style/and formality for each target audience.
The target audience for essay #1 are parents who oppose this change, and the target audience for essay #2 are the students who oppose this change. PLEASE, see the attachment, “Steps in designing.doc”, before writing for a more thorough description of the essay’s requirements. The essay needs no citations and is to be written at an undergraduate level. I need both essays in 7 days.

There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: Write an argumentative essay in which you clearly state your position on whether public schools should have a dress code or not. Your audience is a group of local school board members and parents who must make a decision on this matter and have not yet made up their minds.

Are college students today getting "the best education possible"? Argue in support of or against college standards today. Support your stance with examples from your own experience and based upon your own definition of "the best education possible."

There is no doubt that television has become one of the most pervasive communication technologies in history. Write an essay that argues either that television is one of the worst inventions of modern times or that television is a benefit to modern society.

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Title: student dress codes

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Essay Instructions: The aim of this paper to understand the conflicting opinions and interpretations of the law surrounding school dress codes. Papers are to be 11 pages in length. At least 5 sources are to cited. APA style is required. Actual court cases must be used giving the name, place,a brief description of each and the court's decision . Any court circuit may be used but preferably fourth circuit.

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Title: conflict

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Essay Instructions: need to write an essay about mother (jessica)and daughter(julia). Julia an adolesant. conflict occured with dress code she had to wear on a trip to ny city. Julia thinks she is on the same level as her mom. Need to use verbal and non verbal comm. also perception , personal identity, effective listening.

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