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Title: freud and jung

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I recieved an essay you prepared for me last week comparing freud to yung on the interpretation of dreams. I need to include quotes from The interpretation of dreams, by freud 2007 publication and Jungian dream interpretation by Hall 1983. Including page numbers of each quote and a short explanation. Please include the quote from freud and page ref
"The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind" and its meaning.

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Title: Sigmund Freud

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Essay Instructions: I must use "The Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud as a primary source. I must have a secondary source, the work of another person ABOUT Freud's work(his dream interpretations).I also need a works cited page. I only need minimal references made to both sources. The essay is meant to be a detailed presentation of Freud's teaching on a given subject(dream interpretation), accurately presenting just what it was that was thought. ie: perhaps his theory on wish fullfilment.

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Title: Function of Dreaming

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Essay Instructions: The paper should focus on the following:

What the evolutionary role of dreaming is? If any?
Dream interpretation and the value ? if any ? it has.
The overall role/function dreaming takes in our lives and how much value one should, with reason, think about their own dreaming.

Evaluate the theories of Owen Flanagan in "Dreaming Souls" if dreaming is a spandrel and the effect of memory on dreams.

Also consider many of Freud?s theories including but not limited to, that dreams function to release suppressed urges.

Attempt to determine a general pragmatic view on what the function of dreaming is, what function it plays in human life and how we should think about what we dream. Also give thought to specific differences in human and other mammal dreaming and the affect that plays on the aforementioned theories.

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Title: Human Genome

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Essay Instructions: This essay is a Current Events "reaction statments"-Select article(will be faxed) that relates to psychology topics in this course and write reaction statements that briefly summarize the content and more IMPORTANTLY EXPLAINS/ANALYZES HOW THE ARTICLE RELATES TO TOPICS IN PSYCHOLOGY (for example an article of dream interpreation you might discuss how it supports and/or contradicts Freud's theory of dream interpretation.) relate the article with simple topics in psychology.
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