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Title: Purposes of drama Why we still study shakespear

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Essay Instructions: Drama can capture the emotions of an audience and engage participants and audience to such an extent that they may experience feelings they forgot they had and thoughts they had not yet discovered.

Write a paper about drama. Especially focus on the purpose of drama and how those purposes made us still study and read Shakespeare?s works. Will watching or reading drama make us a better person, better decision maker?... I think in the essay you can talk about somethings like: Is drama something that every human has to go through in their everyday life (love, greed, moral?)? Perhaps you can talk about the important role of women role in drama. You can use some Greek drama and today T. V shows to support or give example. Again these are just my thoughts and If you think they are not going to be useful in the essay, please ignore them. This paper is important, writer please help me with good content. Keep in mind that this is an English paper. If you want to you example or express your opions please do not use ?I? but instead use third person ?he or she?. Don?t be repetitive. Paper should show depth thoughts about material. I will email you some sources that you might help you to write the essay. Very important papers to me so if you have any question before writing please email me. It would help me out if you can sent the complete order in text.

Writer, could you please ? book or magazine or internet, etc?? at the end of each source you have used for the essay.

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Title: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine

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Essay Instructions: Drama/Play Analysis with Research/Criticism

- Use the elements of drama and literary terms to analyze A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.

-Use parentheical citations with Act, Scene, and line numbers for specific examples in the text. (What every source used to obtain the acts, scenes and line numbers, must be included in the citation page)

-Conduct research about this play and inculde quotes/paraphrases from at least four critical articles or reviews. (include in citation page)

- Do not use the following weak verbs in the essay (may use in quotes only), being, be, been, do, does, could, should, is, are, was, were, would, could, seem, has, have, had, and can.

-If there are any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me (regardless or time at )

-Use MLA Format throughout whole essay

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Title: Modern Drama

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Essay Instructions: Drama Essay Assignment: Choose one of the following options below.
In The Glass Menagerie, Tennesseee Williams tells the story of the Wingfield fmily and in doing so develops several themes, including expectation, escape, and disappointment. (A)Choose one major character- Amanda, Laura, or Tom Wingfield- and write an essay about that character's connection with all three of the following themes: Expectation, Escape, and Disappointment. ( AMANDA IS MY CHOICE )
(B) Or select one of the themes (Expectation, Escape, Disappointment) and write about all three main characters' connection with it (Amanda, Laura, and Tom).
The essay should contain five paragraphs. The introduction starts with general comments that lead into a thesis statement at the end making an assettion that you will develop with three body paragraphs. Depending on which approach you choose (A or B- I chose A with Amanda), write a good topic sentence for each body paragraph. Then provide support for the topic sentence of each body paragraph by explaining and giving examples, sometimes quoting lines (do not use more than two quotes per paragraph). In conclusion, bring your essay to an end by making general comments about observations and conclusions related to your thesis.
Additional requirements:
1. Include at least one direct quote from the play and use a proper parenthetical reference, MLA style. In modern drama, such as The Glass Menagerie, you should use the author's last name and the page number in the parenthetical reference.
2.Include a Works Cited page that gives the source of the quote(s). For this assignment, use your textbook as the primary source for the quotation(s) included in the essay. Follow proper MLA style.
Length of essay: 400-500 words

Textbook: Literature, An Introduction to Reading and Writing / Edgar V. Roberts, Henry E. Jacobs.- 8th ed.
By: Pearson Education, Inc., Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

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Title: Drama Essay

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Essay Instructions: Drama Essay:

Read Arthur Miller''s Essay entitled "Tragedy and the Common Man" Pgs 1948 -1951 in Literature An Introduction To Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Eigth Edition by XJ Kennedy and Dana Gioia. (I will fax all pages to you to read)

Think about what he has to say about the nature of tragedy and of the tragic hero. Based on this and what we have discussed in class, write an essay of about 400 words in which you examine the character of Willy Loman in "Death of a Salesman" and his role as a tragic hero. Be sure to include in your essay a discussion of Willy''s stature, his tragic flaw, his downfall and death, and whether he gains your sympathy (pathos is that quality in literature that makes us feel sorrow or compassion for a character). Finally, does the play close on an optimistic or pessimistic note? What has Willy accomplished by his suicide? Where does the family go from here?
There are faxes for this order.

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