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Title: Dr Seuss and WWII How his Political Cartoons effected America and how WWII effected his later writing

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Essay Instructions: This paper is to be about Theodore Geisel (Dr Seuss) and the effects his political cartoons had during WWII & how WWII effected his furture writings of children's liturature. I want this paper to detail Theodore Geisel's (Dr Seuss)background information, begining with German Heritage, education (college), advertising jobs, to his political cartoons published in PM magazine during WWII, showing the effects his cartoons had on America during WWII and how WWII effected his later writings. Describe at least 3-5 of the political cartoons he drew for PM magazine, their meanings and the effect they had on the American population. Proceed to his writings after WWII (children's books), how the war shaped these writings and their often overlooked meanings (for example..Yertle the Turtle: playoff of what Dr Seuss saw Hitler wanting power. Sneeches on the Beaches: pointing out theat prejudice is wrong. and The Butter Battle Book: the conflict which led to war, coming of the atomic age.) This paper needs to be 11 pages in body (not including title page, outline and works cited page), written in APA format, containing a topical outline of paper (with thesis statement), parenthetical references, and works cited page. Some sources to be used are the following: 1-"Dr. Seuss adn Mr. Geisel" by Judith & Neil Morgan, 2-"Dr Seuss-American Icon" by Philip Nel, 3-"Oh, The Places He Went" by Maryann Weidt, 4-"Dr Seuss Goes To War" by Richard H. Minear, 5-"Dr Seuss" by Ruth MacDonald, 6-7-8-"The Butter Battle Book", "Yertle The Turtle", and "Sneeches on the Beaches" by Dr Seuss/ Theodore Geisel. Use no more than 3 internet resources and 1 encyclopedia resource. If there are any questions or more information/detail needed, please E-mail me ASAP. Thank you

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Essay Instructions: What do you think of O'Laughlin's statement at the end of the article where he claims that the psychiatric establishment is self-interested and caught in a ?rational? bind and that we need to ?understand the human narrative that necessarily underlies all suffering??

Then respond to what this person thinks.

I was disgusted to read in O?Loughlin (2010) article the client cases that Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) has been used on. For instance the sickness I felt when reading that such a therapy as ECT was used on 203 children under the age of 14 years in 2008. Then continued to read that 500 Australian children under the age of 5, 55 4 year old or younger had used such as therapy. Why would 48 babies be on a form of anti-depressant treatment? As O?Loughlin (2010) mentions how can it be determined that it is in the interest of the child to receive particular drugs or ECT? Why would it even be acceptable that such a right be granted to shock children who are catatonic or autistic in order to bring them to the psychic world that we feel they should be living? I was currently reading an article by Tony Attwood (2013) who is a well-known Psychologist in Brisbane, Australia and specializes in Asperger?s Syndrome. Tony made a point in his article that encouraged me to look at special needs, mental illness and supposed ?madness? in a broad frame of mind. Instead of trying to change a person to live in a psychic world that we feel they should be living why do we not learn to accept their world in which they are living. I tend to find myself thinking about special needs when studying and think to myself ?What?s to say that the world in which we live is perfect, maybe the world in which people with special needs etc. is actually the perfect world and we just haven?t learnt to accept such a fact?.

The same goes for elderly people that receive such drugs or ECT treatment. Is it in such a person?s interest or do we taken upon ourselves to assume it is something the person would want. I have a family member that work for an age-care service and when I was discussing such a topic with her she mentioned that many of her elderly clients would say that their time here is done and they have served their purpose. Would ECT be used on such clients as these? Or does it seem that there is a common interest among these elderly and they are at a stage in their life where such a thought is apparent?

I agree with O?Loughlin when he says we need to understand the human narrative that necessarily underlies all suffering. O?Loughlin article demonstrates the power that psychiatric establishments and pharmaceutical companies have in the diagnosis and treatment, while marketing medications for mental illnesses. O?Loughlin has used perfect examples for his argument in which he discusses that we need to understand human narrative and experiences rather than relying on clinical professionals and a list they provide on the symptoms and diagnostic process for people.

What is making a person have such a feeling, thought or experience such an emotional state? Looking at the underlying needs and background of each client is crucial. Environmental, social and physical factors could all lead to the feeling/feelings a person is experiencing and the question I would ask is: What is wrong with a person having a feeling of boredom, depression, sadness, tiredness, worthlessness? This may be the way in which their body copes with such a situation. Giving these people pills or using a therapy such as ECT doesn?t seem sensible or logistical and should be re-considered. I had such appreciation for O?Loughlin (2010) and his piece of writing.

?Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It?s not?. ? The Lorax (Dr Seuss)

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