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Title: Marlowe Dr Faustus

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Essay Instructions: Research paper on play Dr. Dr Faustus by Cristopher Marlowe
The actual paper need only to be 10-11 pages. The additional pages are for table of contents.
* Sections of the paper (labeled):
1)Title page
3)Table of contents
3) The Play in its Period: including a brief, pertinent biography, who influenced the playwright's writing, how prolific was s/he as a playwright, production credits on its original production, and awards/recognitions earned.
4) The Play: a very brief synopsis of the play, an analysis of the drama (elements of plot, type of dramatic structure, traditional or innovative writing style, and major ideas/themes.
5) Personal Evaluation: What impact did this play have to you?
6) Works Cited/Bibliography page (a balanced mix of traditional sources (books, articles, etc.) and internet sources.

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Title: Shakespeare and Marlowe

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Essay Instructions: After reading, the Tragical History of Dr Faustus and Henry IV, Part One, consider the play making abilities of Shakespeare and Marlowe. Include in your consideration:

Plot Construction
Use of Language
The Creation of Scene

Consult three scholarly sources to help you develop your ideas. Write a paper of 3 pages comparing and contrasting the play making abilities of the two playwrights. Be sure to illustrate your statements. Attach a works cited page.

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