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Essay Instructions: Down Syndrome and Autism

Describe how these two disabilities can affect peoples lives, learning and participation in society.
Others attitudes, values and actions in relating to people with disabilities.
In the description and statements use central concepts and explain connections and draw conclusions.

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Title: down syndrome and dementia

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3228 References: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Hi i need a literature review on down syndrome and dementia. search european journals preferably british ones. i will need 3000 words-200 for a basic summary of the review,500 for introduction, 2000 words for the main body which include 4 main themes. research articles must be up to date ie in the last 8 years. i will also need a conclusion. harvard referencing must be used.

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Title: Down Syndrome

Total Pages: 10 Words: 2572 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Purpose: This assignment has two purposes. The first purpose of this assignment is to acquaint students with several academic resources available to them on a variety of topics. The second purpose is to acquaint students with multiple structural elements of an essay using multiple sources. The elements that will receice the greatest attention are the incorporation of sources, the introductory paragraph, thesis statements, topic sentences inter- and intra-paragraph transitions, and point-of-view.
Students will be allowed to choose their topic; however, the topic must be approved. In addition, ONLY peer-editing scholarly journals and books may be used as sources.
This assignment calls for students to gather information from a variety of sources and then to focus, organize, and present it in a formal paper that documents the sources. The procedure will familiarize students with the mechanics of documentation, and the student to understand a topic. The experience will help students learn how to meet the research demands of other courses.
*Checklist for Multiple Source Essay
-Ensurea ll of the formatting is correct--There will be a give point deduction for each format error.
-Ensure that there is a clear thesis statement--If the thesis is not clear there will be a 15 point deduction.
-There will be a 2 point deduction for each failed transition.
-Use only Third Person in the body paragraphs--There will be a 3 pointdeduction for each point-of-view shirt (includes I, we, and you).
-Ensure all the documentation is in accordance with MLA format--There will be a 10 point deduction for each failure to properly document references.
-Ensure that you inclde a works cited page with you final draft.
-Ensure that there is more than one strategy used in arranging the information--There will be a 10 point deduction if only one method is used.
-Ensure that there are at least 10 full pages but not over 15 pages of information--There will be a 5 point deduction for every page short.

I would like the paper to cover the characteristics of a person with Down syndrome. I would also like to compare and contrast young Down syndrome children and older Down syndrome people. I would also like to see what the differences between men and women are. The potential purpose of the paper would be to better understand Down syndrome people, and why they act the way they do.

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Title: Raising Downs Syndrome Child Impact on the Family Unit

Total Pages: 9 Words: 3084 Bibliography: 7 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Content:INTRODUCTION:Clear,concise introduction with brief description of selected the family health issue or challenge that contemporary families experience (length-ab.0.75page).LITERATURE REVIEW:In-depth and logical discussion of the literature concerning the family health issue using nursing and related health databases.Describe and discuss the PREVALENCE and DEMOGRAPHICS(appropriately cited)concerning this family health issue with respect to families in North America and other countries.Describe and discuss the IMPACT that this family health issue(raising Downs Syndrome child) has on the family unit( function,roles and structure, communication,socialization,development,power and decision making,stress).in other words, describe why this is a relevant topic for discussion in contemporary society relative to the family unit(ab.3 pages).FAMILY NURSING PRACTICE APPLICATION:Describe THREE specific ASSESSMENT and/or INTERVENTION APPROACHES that are employed by nurses r/t the family health issue.Discuss and compare the assessment and/or intervention approaches for their relevance,effectiveness,and related nursing practice implications.Indicate whether the chosen are evidence-based,clinically relevant and feasible.Provide rational(ab.3 pages).FUTURE IMPLICATION:Having examined this family issue- identify THREE RESEARCHABLE QUESTIONS that may support and strengthen evidence for continued use of assessment/intervention strategies that are identified in this paper.Identify THREE POSSIBLE DIRECTIONS for the future development of other research-based nursing assessment and/or intervention strategies concerning this family issue(ab.1.5 pages).CONCLUSION:clear,concise key points(ab.75 page). Adherence to APA format of paper including margins,font,references,citations,title page,reference list.Please e-mail me FULL TEXT copy of additional used(up to 7-10 of total including mine) of scholarly research articles used as sources(excluding the one submitted by me).Please include list of all REFERENCES (with pages #)used in this paper(reference page),title page and works cited page.Quotation is a second choice to paraphrasing in this paper(no more than two quotes, if any).Please include specific sources from listed below:Journal of Intellectual Disability Research,vol 50,part 12 pp917-925,Dec.2006 (Adjustment of children who have a sibling with Down Syndrome:perspective of mothers....)
Down Syndrome Today Winter 1993,vol2,no4,p22-3(part1&Spring 1993,vol.3,no1(part2)(Stress and Parenting),
Journal of Family Nursing,2000,6(3),267-286 (Family variables Associated with well-being in siblings of children with DS),
Qualitative Health research, with a child with DS.....)
Journal of the American Academy of child and adolescent Psychiatry,37.12(Dec1989)p1317(9)
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