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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: using literature terminology and literary analysis give your excerpts on this literary work.1- Dover beach by Mathew Arnold.(what does it mean to get old, getting old with dignity)2- tatoo by Jane Martin. what kind of tragedy does the character created for himself.did he want power, prestige and admiratin 3- We are many by Pablo Neruda. what does it mean by we are many.4-do not go gentle into that night by Dylan Thomas. also from these small story and poem take two and compare them

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Title: literature poem

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Essay Instructions: Consider the issues of love, war, power, and poetry in a discussion of "The Three Ravens, Matthew Arnold''s "Dover Beach",
and Margaret Atwood''s "Siren Song." How does the imagination
play a part in the tapestries woven by the poems and ballad?

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Title: the significant of love and faith inVictorian Poets

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Essay Instructions: Victorian Poets
topic:(choose one )
1.In the work of two of the three Victorian poets, discuss those elements, which you feel gave their contemporaries come answer to the problems of faith.
.2 Discuss the differences in the treatment of love in the three Victorian poets.

***Materials include***
Matthew Arnold:
1. Dover Beach
2. To Marguerite-Continued
3. The scholar Gypsy
4. Thyrsis
5. The forsaken Merman

Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
1. Ulysses
2. Locksley Hall
3. The charge of the Light Brigade
4. The passing of Arthur

Robert Browning:

1. Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister
2. My last Duchess
3. The Bishop Orders His Tomb
4. Fra Lippon Lippi
5. Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came
6. Prospice

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Essay Instructions: I need a (6) six-page essay on the World Literature course.
There are four separate questions that need to be answered thoroughly.
Please use little more than one page per question except for essay#4 which should be 2 pages.
I'll include the literature textbook materials.

Read the poem "To Marguerite-Continued" carefully to answer the question.
How does imagery help evoke emotion in this poem? Choose three images from the poem and describe the emotions that the images evoke. Explain how the images are connected to the emotions. Read page 144

Read the poem "London" carefully to answer the question.
How does "London" reflect the issues and characteristics of the Romantic period? Describe three ways in which the poem discusses or comments on the problems or issues.

Your response should at least 2 paragraphs long. Read pages 522-533

Read the passage "Heart of Darkness" carefully to answer the question.
Conrad's Heart of Darkness has been criticized for portraying Africa through the eyes of a European colonist rather than through African eyes.
What images does Conrad use to portray the setting of the Congo River?
How does the setting imply the clash between European and African cultures or world views? How might Africans portray Africa differently than Conrad's Marlow?

Choose two images from the passage and explain how they could portray a potential clash between the cultures.

There is a great debate among literary critics about whether or not the historical context of a piece of literature is important in understanding the literature. Some critics argue that you can only fully understand a piece of literature if you understand the historical events that were ongoing when it was being written. Others argue that each piece of literature is independent of its historical context and you should not have to look for information outside the text to understand it. What do you think?

Write an essay of at least three paragraphs in which you agree or disagree with the statement that literature can best be understood in its historical context.

Read a piece of literature for each time period (Romantic, Victorian, and Modern World) and support your opinion in terms of this literature you've chosen.
Romantic Period: “The Chimney Sweeper” (Read pages 522-533, 541-543)
Victorian Period: “Dover Beach” (Read pages 676-693, 721-723)
Modern World: “Dulce et Decorum Est” (Read pages 802-818, 820-822)

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