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Title: Donnie Darko movie

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Essay Instructions: Instructions:write a typed, double-spaced movie analysis on the movie "Donnie Darko" and its Semiotics (the study of signs and symbols, both individually and grouped into sign systems. It includes the study of how meaning is constructed and understood). In the analysis, briefly summarize semitics theory in your own words in a paragraph. Then briefly summarize the film, and describe the characters you'll discuss in the rest of your analysis (not all in the film, just the ones you'll discuss).
Then focus on applying semiotics theory to the film. Discuss four characters, relationships, or specific scenes that demonstrate different aspects or elements of that theory. Attempt to identify and discuss difference aspects of the theory in these applications--not simply four instances of the exact same element.
Make specific reference to the readings on semiotics theory as you make connections between movie content and theory. Try to limit directly quoting from the text--paraphrase the theory in your own words. You may also suggest other theories that are exemplified in the film.
Please remember, this is not a film review, but a theoretical analysis of a film that demonstrates particular communication concepts. You are not evaluating the acting, or the script, but applying a particular communication theory to the film. Your application of the theory should indicate your understanding and comprehension of it.

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Title: Other wordly dimensions in young adult literature

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Essay Instructions: Analyse three texts/films with other-wordly dimensions and illustrate the ways in which these alternate realities bring real world issues into focus for young adults, using cultural critique such as Stuart Hall.

Chosen Movies: Edward Scissorhands, Pleasantville and Donnie Darko.

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Title: film review

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Essay Instructions: i put 3 pages but i only need 2 pages i just figured since it was a diffrent kinda request i would through that in , thank you very much for your help in advance

Choose a movie from the provided list. It may be wise to watch the film more than once, one time for content (story), and then again when one can be free of the story and really look into the form.

Look for symbolism, special effects, formal qualities, tendencies, and use of music. How does the cinematographer change from one scene to another - quick cut, fade, wipe, etc.? (See list provided). How does the use of these techniques contribute to the effect and content of the film?

This will be a concise two-page paper, double-spaced, that devotes a short paragraph to content and the remainder to formal issues. This should be ample space to do this effectively. Most reviews in the newspaper are shorter than this, but are mainly about content.

It may be more fun and challenging to choose a movie that you have not seen previously. All of these are very good films in one way or another. Look, See, Think.

List of Acceptable Films:
Citizen Kane
Raging Bull
Buffalo '66
The Matrix
Junk Yard Dogs
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Man Who Fell to Earth
Eyes Wide Shut
The Doors
Mulholland Drive "
Fight Club
The Godfather
Midnight Cowboy
Harold and Maude
Sin City
Lord of the Rings
Donnie Darko >
Toots ie
Garden State

Blade Runner "---•• --•
Blue Velvet '
Taxi Driver
Dressed to Kill
Lulu on the Bridge
Five Easy Pieces
Fahrenheit 451
Moulin Rouge
Full Metal Jacket
The Manchurian Candidate
The Elephant Man
The Deer Hunter
Rear Window
Rebel Without a Cause
Requiem for a Dream
West Side Story
Jagged Edge

Rumble Fish
The Outsiders
Pi ' •:<
Run Lola Run
Mad Max
The Birds
House of Games
Pulp Fiction
The Crying Game
Dr. Strangelove
Psycho ('60)
Easy Rider
A Clockwork Orange
North by Northwest
The Graduate
Hotel Rowanda

please try and use some of these terms

1. Cut-Instantaneous change from one frame to another. .-.-
2. Jump-cut - A cut that appears to be an interruption of a single shot. The figures seem to change against a constant background, or the background changes while the figures remain constant.
3. Frame - A single image on the strip of film.
4. Long shot - Framing technique where a figure is depicted about the size of the screen or smaller.
5. Medium shot - Framing technique where a figure is depicted from the waist up or the waist down.
6. Mise-en-scene - The sum of everything set up in front of the camera. Lights, props, figures, make-up, etc, - the total "form".
7. Motif - Repetition of a single element. i;
8. Close-up - Framing technique that depicts a figure from approximately the neck
up. •:.--.•
9. Dissolve - a transition from one shot to another where one image gradually disappears and the next gradually appears.
10. Cut-in - An instantaneous shift from distant to closer framing of some portion of the same space.
11. Fade-in-Dark screen that gradually brightens as shot appears. , ,
12. Fade-out - A shot that gradually darkens from an image to black, white, or color.
13. Montage - Dynamic, often discontinuous, relationships between shots and the juxtaposition of images to create ideas not present in any one image by itself.
14. Narration/Narrative Form - Filmic organization that creates a relationship between events taking place in a specific time and space.
15. Pan - A camera movement that allows the scene to be scanned horizontally.
16. Wipe - A transition between shots where a line passes across the screen, either vertically or horizontally, that eliminates the first shot and replaces it with the next shot.
17. Point-of-view (POV) - A shot that depicts what the subject would see in the scene. Usually cut in before or after a shot of the character "looking".

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Title: Compare and Contrast Two films

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2003 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This link will give you the paper topic and ALL class notes that were given. Im not sure which format (APA, MLA) this is for a State College so use your best judgement and check the (Paper Length) section of the directions. Paper must be on ONE of these two movies (Chasing Amy & Rope) (Donnie Darko & Back 2 the Future) or (Do The Right Thing & Driving Ms Daisy) Please chose the one that best fits you best. The link is:
This paper is a contextual/comparative analysis 6 pages

Every thing you'll need is at that LINK.

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