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Essay Instructions: Domestic Violence and the success/failure of batterers intervention courses Research Project (Very detailed description of what to write about). All reasearch to be conducted is purely conjecture and results can be made up (all sources for reference material are attached).


1. What are you predicting the outcome will be?

That court-ordered batterer?s intervention courses are not effective in preventing further domestic violence behavior by offenders as compared to voluntary enrollment in batterer?s intervention courses.



1. Who are your participants? Male inmates who have been convicted of domestic violence assault including assaults that cause homicide or serious injury AND male participants of batterer?s intervention courses who are not court mandated to do so.

2. What demographic will they represent? Male participants of batterer?s intervention courses in the state of Maine (voluntary & involuntary course participants).

3. Will there be any special selection criteria (e.g. only athletes)? Males who are of legal age, 18, or older who are currently incarcerated and taking court mandated batterers intervention courses and males taking batterers intervention courses that are not court mandated.

4. How many participants do you anticipate needing? Minimum of 100 male participants who are currently enrolled and participating in batterer?s intervention courses. 50 of the males should be court-mandated to take the courses and 50 of the males should be voluntarily taking the course.

5. How do you anticipate recruiting participants? Recruiting through the WorkReady program at each facility in the State of Maine as well as recruiting through batterer?s intervention course institutions.

6. Any other information you think the reader should know about your sample? The sample consists of voluntary and involuntary participants in batterer?s intervention courses that are both court mandated and non court mandated.

Design and Procedure

1. What will participants experience in your research project, typically in the order they will experience it? Complete questionnaire on what crime they are incarcerated for, why they are taking batterer?s intervention courses, and past violent behavior both at the time of taking the course and one year later.

2. Describe what participants will experience inform the reader of the design (e.g. participants were randomly assigned to read one of two scenarios). Participants are directed to complete the questionnaire and identify voluntary or involuntary participation of course.

3. How will you manipulate (or select) your independent variable(s)? Unknown at this time. Need to gather more information and research prior to manipulation.

4. What are your measures (e.g. dependent variables) in the order participants are measured on them? Violent personal history, criminal background and repeat domestic violence offenses

5. Don?t forget to include you manipulation checks.

6. Be specific about measures, what exactly are you measuring (e.g. the construct) and how are you measuring it (e.g. survey with a 1 to 7 scale, accuracy, etc)? Measuring violent behavior, criminal activity, and repeat domestic violence offenses using a questionnaire with a 1 to 5 scale.

Research Proposal Details:

This project is designed to get you thinking critically about research interests and how to apply them in new and insightful ways. This project will take the form of a research proposal.
General Requirements:
1. Written in APA style
2. Maximum of 2500 words (excluding references and appendices)
3. Minimum of 8 references

Requirements by Section:

1. Introduction
a. State a very brief summary of the RFP (e.g. What is the call asking for?), to orient the reader to what your research topic will broadly be focused on.
b. Then write a general introduction that should be very similar to a research report where you define the specific problem, review relevant research, point out holes, and develop a testable hypothesis.
2. Methods
a. Participants
i. How will you identify your sample?
ii. How will you recruit participants?
iii. What demographic variables will you be interested in?
b. Procedure
i. What is your research design?
ii. What will the participants experience?
iii. What are your independent variables?
iv. What are your dependent variables?
3. Proposed results
a. This will take the place of a typical ?results? section in a research report
b. This section will only include graphs of the predicted results for each dependent variable
4. Discussion
a. Focus on the future directions of your research and how you will use the
i. What would it mean for the problem if your results are confirmed?
ii. ?or not confirmed?
iii. What types of future research would you propose to build on your proposed study?
5. References

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: ? Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Policy

Prepare a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper in which you research the relevant statistics, facts, resources, and public opinions to develop your own local, statewide, or federal policy related to your selected topic (and their related policies). Your policy paper should include statistical, factual, and public opinion history information which supports your policy claim. Be sure to identify all stakeholders (e.g., politicians, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, correctional officers and administrators, law enforcement officers and administrators, victims, law-abiding citizens, etc.) and their opinions as it relates to your proposed policy and how politics may impact its implementation. Additionally, provide policy recommendations and the rationale for these recommendations and their impact on contemporary criminal justices issues and globalization.

Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.
All individual assignments will be submitted in Word document format and will require a minimum of three cited references. All references should come from the University Library and at least one (1) must be a peer-reviewed publication

Please do not use extremely long quotes......

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Domestic violence mental health

Total Pages: 2 Words: 797 Sources: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Domestic Violence/ Mental Health

1. Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., John Battaglia, M.D. and Richard S. Epstein, M.D.
Frontier Ethics: Mental Health Care Needs and Ethical Dilemmas in Rural Communities (

2. Look through this website - AND



Suggested Reading:


Domestic Violence

- 2-4 million women are physically abused every year = one women being battered every 18 seconds in the US
- Partner violence is increasing and becoming a recognized public health problem
- Very few database studies of rural women exist
o The problems regarding rural domestic violence are made worse by:
? Poverty
? Lack of transportation
? Shortage of health care providers
? Lack of education
? Lack of community programs
? Lack of health insurance
o These reasons make it very difficult for a women to leave an abusive situation

Let’s Talk About Rural Alaska
- Alaska epitomizes the huge problem regarding domestic violence in rural America
- Alaska State Troopers reported that 67 percent of all homicides they investigated during 1995 were related to domestic violence
- In 1997 12,072 females were new or continuing clients at one of states 21 domestic violence shelters/safe houses
- In 1996 there were 290,669 women of all ages living in Alaska which means approximately 1 out of every 25 women sought services at a domestic violence program
- There is still very little documentation regarding prevalence and incidence rates of violence.

Where is the Medical Attention?
- Women in violent relationships frequently sustain injuries that require medical attention
- Due to the lack of medical facilities, women living in rural areas fail to obtain proper treatment
- In 1995 Elliot and Johnson conducted interviews with 42 women in a mid-west primary care clinic, These were their findings :
o 45% of the sample reported experiencing physical, social and emotional abuse from an intimate partner
o Of the 36% who reported this abuse (physical) – 38% went to the clinic for health maintenance reasons
? Reference ( Elliot B. and Johnson M. (1995). Domestic violence in a primary care setting: patterns and prevalence. Archives of Family Medicine, 4:113:119
- Rural providers are increasingly held accountable to these emerging standards of practice, even in the absence of appropriate resources and training.

How Can We Put an End to Domestic Violence?
- successful strategies for improved care to rural battered women are still relatively unknown and absent from the research literature
- Several emerging policy issues have been identified by surveys and telephone interviews during 2000
- Policy issues that were cited by these surveys include:
o Appropriate training and support for health care providers
o Mandatory reporting of domestic violence by health professionals
o Employee assistance programs for hospital and clinic employees
o Conflicting issues with confidentiality, safety and support
o Funding
- Universal Screening is an excellent opportunity for prevention
- This screening provides early identification of and intervention with individuals at risk for the health consequences of violence in the home
- FUND – The Family Violence Prevention Fund
o A national domestic violence advocacy organization that been an early leader in calling for universal screening
o The organization recommends routine screening for domestic violence victimization for all female patients over the age of fourteen in primary care
o All practitioners in these settings implement programs to ensure routine screening
o The screening is carried out in private settings
o Confidential

Mental Health Issues in Rural America

- 15 million of the 62 million rural U.S. residents struggle with mental illness and substance abuse
- There are huge obstacles in the way for rural America to obtain proper health care and treatment
- Ethical dilemmas also affect rural mental health care
o There are 6 attributes of an isolated setting in conjunction with limited resources that appear to intensify the problems
? Overlapping relationships
? Conflicting roles
? Altered therapeutic boundaries between caregivers, patients and families
? Challenges in preserving patient confidentiality
? Heightened cultural dimensions of mental health care
? Limited resources for consultation about clinical ethics

Problems with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in Rural Areas

- Basic community services like transportation, electricity, water and communication systems are sometimes unavailable in rural communities ? this makes it very hard for the mentally ill to obtain treatment
- Approximately 56 percent of rural residents have been identified as current drinkers and more than 6 percent manifest three of more signs of physiologic alcohol
o There are very little community run/ social groups put into place to help these individuals
o Where can they turn for help?
- Mood and anxiety disorders, trauma, cognitive development, psychotic disorders all appear to be common among rural residents
- Rural suicides rates have surpassed urban suicide rates over the past 20 years
- Rural women who are poor, elderly or of a minority have proved to have heightened psychiatric symptoms

Mental Illness Regarding Rural Adolescents
- Urgent problems regarding mental health services for teens in rural areas are increasing
- Teens in rural areas face
o Isolation
o Loneliness
o Poor access to transportation
o Increased economic conflict
o Unemployment
o Poor housing/ divorced families
o Lack of specialized mental health services
- Teens often turn toward risk taking behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse as well as sexual activity

What Can be Done?
- Medical clinics need to provide assessment for mental health with adolescent contacts
- Opportunities for counseling need to be available
- Child and adult mental health resources need to be made more available
- In rural America a trip to the doctor or counselor may require a 120 – mile drive ? that means a day off from work for the parents. In a lot of house holds that cannot be done ? transportation is needed
- Nurses are a great resource to the mentally ill
o Nurses tend to see the whole picture – they need to explore the concept of resiliency for practical application
- Education professionals need to consider mental health screening
- Social workers need to be aware of local resources
- Opportunities for volunteerism need to be explore


Rural Health Response to Domestic Violence: Policy and Practice Issues EMERGING PUBLIC POLICY ISSUES AND BEST PRACTICES, Rhonda M. Johnson, MPH, CFNP August 30, 2000

Molly Nolan, MSN-c, RN, SANE Guest Columnist

Using above reading materials please answer these questions.

Discussion Questions
A) Domestic Violence
1. Since little exist, what are some ideas on how to increase data-based studies of rural battered women? How would you go about reaching out to the women who are afraid to reveal their abuse.?

B) Mental Health
1. Create a teen center that will help combat the rising number of teens who have mental illness/substance abuse problems. What are some funding ideas, educational/counseling programs, and job opportunities that your clinic can provide?

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I would like the same writer to complete this writing service as last time. And writer?s Username is Craig.

Please follow this outline:

Topic ? Look at Domestic Violence Today in America

1. Introduction
-Definition of Domestic Violence
-Recognition of the significance of domestic violence in current society
-History of domestic violence

2. Body

1. Contributing factors of domestic violence
-Cycle of violence (abuse)
-Pattern of victimization
-role of alcohol on domestic violence

2. Impacts of domestic violence
-Effects on children
-Mental illness

3. Domestic violence prevention
-need for development of authorities
-violence-prevention through education

3. Conclusion

The number of domestic violence currently in America is still at large and is definitely no secret to many families lives. However, with the help of domestic violence prevention programs and community awareness towards this issue, the possibility to prevent the domestic violence within these physical relationships will decline. Keeping the consistency at a well balanced level in assuring that violence will forever be curved also requires the help from the society as a whole. Therefore, the real message to deliver is not brought with kindness, since it will require breaking the silence that many people have chosen as their stance against such a problem.

Excerpt From Essay:

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