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Title: Domestic Abuse

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Essay Instructions: Please be sure to carefully cover all areas of the assignment.

The research paper should be 10-15 pages, not counting the title page, abstract, or references. Please note that quantity does not always correspond to quality, and a well-written Project that includes all of the necessary information might contain fewer than the maximum number of pages.

You are to select a practice within human services (e.g. evidence-based practice, drug treatment practices, use of technologies, medical models) related to your area of interest ? AREA OF INTEREST IS DOMESTIC ABUSE. The practice you selected should be relevant in the human services field today. Compose a 10-15 page paper, referencing scholarly resources, such as peer-reviewed journals.
The paper should address the following:
? History and background of the practice:
o How this practice came into place
o Historical practices that evolved into the current practice
? Factors influencing the evolution of the practice. Include the following areas as applicable:
o Ethics
o Technologies
o Research
o Theoretical Frameworks
o Professional Associations
o Legislations
? Future direction of the practice:
o Anticipated changes in the practice
o Benefits and Limitations of the practice in the future

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Title: Domestic Abuse

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Essay Instructions: Final Project ??" DOMESTIC ABUSE
For your Project, you are asked to select a problem or issue related to society or to the counseling or human services profession and to use what you have learned in the course to create a plan for a societal or professional change project.
The Final Project must include the following (you may wish to use the bulleted items below as the basis for topic headings throughout your paper):
• The societal or professional problem/issue that concerns you, one that could “benefit” from social change, leadership, and/or advocacy. Explain why the problem/issue is of concern to you. Also explain the “merits of the cause,” including but not limited to how it would contribute to a society that supports the mental health and welfare of its members and/or a profession that supports that commitment.?
• The needed change: Describe a specific change you think is needed (in society or in the profession) that would address the problem/issue you selected and how the change would help to resolve or improve the problem or issue.
• Goals: Describe one or more manageable goals that would at least begin the process of bringing about the identified change and explain how the goal(s) would do so.
• Resources: Using Walden’s library and/or the Internet, find at least three sources of information (e.g., research articles, print literature, videos, websites, etc.) related to the problem/issue you selected. Cite the references using APA guidelines. Also include a brief summary of the resources as they relate to your problem/issue.
• Analysis: Using either a force-field analysis or SWOT analysis, identify and briefly describe the forces??"people, elements of the environment, resources, leadership, substantive knowledge, political expertise and/or experience in creating change??"working for and against the achievement of your goal(s).
• Objectives: Develop and describe up to three specific objectives for meeting your goal(s). You may need or wish to include an objective(s) that reduces or eliminates one of the forces working against the achievement of your goal(s).
• Action plan: Develop an action plan to meet the objectives using what you have learned about social change, leadership, and advocacy theories and processes. Explain the steps of your action plan.
• Evaluation: Explain how you would evaluate the effectiveness of the actions taken based on your action plan.
• Ethics and diversity??Explain any ethical issues and guidelines, as well as equity and diversity opportunities and challenges related to the problem/issue, goals, objectives, and/or actions to be taken. Explain how you might address them in carrying out your action plan.
• Projected results: Anticipate and explain what you think might happen if you implemented your plan. Be specific.
• Next steps: Explain the next steps you would take to address the problem/issue.
• References: Use a minimum of 10??"12 empirically based references in addition to any course readings that you wish to cite. Your citations should come from peer-reviewed journals, reputable periodicals, and noncommercial websites. Please note that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly reference and thus is not accepted as a citable source. (Please consult the Walden University Library's instructions for evaluating research resources, which includes a link to criteria for evaluating resources).
• Reflection:
o Explain how you would characterize the relationship between and among social change, leadership, and advocacy.
o Explain how your understanding of social change, leadership, and advocacy has shifted your perspective on the problem or issue you selected, on what you can do about it, and on your sense of personal efficacy in bringing about needed changes in society and/or in the counseling or other human services professions.
Project must be presented as a 15??"20 page (not including references, title page, or abstract), double-spaced, APA. Create a plan for a societal or professional change project.

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Title: Technology in Human Services Organizations Area of Interest DOMESTIC ABUSE

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Essay Instructions: Technology in Human Services Organizations -Area of Interest ? DOMESTIC ABUSE
As you discovered in the Discussion, technologies can provide numerous benefits to human services organizations. To determine whether or not new technologies are a good fit for an organization, you must be aware of their strengths and limitations. You can research new technologies using reviews, articles, and other testimonials from other companies to determine whether a new technology?s benefits will outweigh its limitations.

For this Application, you consider new technologies that would enhance the services provided by a human services organization. As you do so, think about the benefits and limitations of such technologies on the organization and its clients.
The assignment: (3?4 pages)
? Briefly describe a human services organization you believe would benefit from enhanced technology and explain why.
? Briefly describe three specific technologies that might attract and/or better serve potential and existing clients and explain how and why. Be specific.
? Explain at least one benefit and one limitation each technology might present for the organization and its clients.
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

Optional resources:
? Article: Cole, S. A. (2007). How much justice can technology afford? The impact of DNA technology on equal criminal justice. Science and Public Policy 34(2), 95?107.
? Article: Ishizuki, T., & Cotter, J. (2009). Social workers' use of the internet and e-mail to help clients in Virginia. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 27(2), 127?140.
? Article: Mano, R. (2009). Information technology, adaptation and innovation in nonprofit human service organizations. Journal of Technology in Human Services, 27(3), 227?234.
? Article: Shields, A. E., Shin, P., Leu, M. G., Levy, D. E., Betancourt, R. M, Hawkins, D., & Proser M. (2007). Marketwatch: Adoption of health information technology in community health centers: Results of a national survey. Health Affairs, 26(5), 1373?1383.
? Article: Stevenson, B., & Roblyer, M. (2006). Using technology-based strategies to change drug-related attitudes and first-time offenders. Journal of Correctional Education, 57(4), 327?340.
? Article: Tregeagle, S., & Darcy, M. (2008). Child welfare and information and communication technology: Today's challenge. British Journal of Social Work, 38(8), 1481?1498.
? Article: Troy, D., Carson, A., Vanderbeek, J., & Hutton, A. (2008). Enhancing community-based disaster preparedness with information technology. Disasters, 32(1), 149?165.

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Title: Legislation Reform Domestic Abuse

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Essay Instructions: Legislation Reform Domestic Abuse

The purpose of human services legislation is to provide assurance and protection to clients’ quality of life, remove barriers, and expedite services. For instance, under the Rehabilitation Act, individuals with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) have access to facilities and services without discrimination. Sometimes, however, the effect of enacted legislation differs from the intention. When the outcome is undesirable, experts often suggest legislation reform to improve practices or delivery of human services. Evidence derived from research and legislative summaries are two ways to get others to support legislation reform.

For this assignment, you suggest reforming a piece of local, state, or federal legislation that affects human services in your area of interest.

The assignment: (3??"4 pages)

Complete a legislative summary in which you recommend the reform of a piece of legislation that affects human services. In your summary be sure to include:

A description of the piece of legislation that affects human services in your area of interest
An explanation of why it should be reformed. Include the pros and cons of reforming the legislation, based on evidence from the literature
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.
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