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Title: Document Analysis

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1477 References: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Document Analysis Paper Assignment fo the Article Smith's Generall Historie, Book IV (This will be faxed)

Write an essay that presents your independent assessment of the document's significance, its strenghts and weaknesses, its tone, its internal consistency, as well as the extent to which you think it achievces its apparent pruposes. Devote your energies to interrogating the document, and providing specific evidence from its text to back up your claims. Minimize description and parapharasing of the docuemnts content. I have already read the them. I want to see how you interpet them.Avoid speculative criticisms and lengthy block quotations exceeding three lines.Present your evidence more concisely. Present your own reasoning opinions.

Documentation You MUst provide references to quotes passages from the document as well as parapharased ideas (auhtor,pg.)

Following the 5 W's and H's of journalism will help you read the sources critically and to write good analysis papers.

1. Who? Whos is the author of this document? What is his/her personal background? What does the doucment reveal about his/her identity, values, or worlview? Develop profile of author. Will need investigation level of education, age, gender, socieco status How do they factor into what he/she wrote?

2. What? What is the author trying to say? Are there any important or unusual concepts or terms that he/she uses? How does the author go about conveying his/her point? Does the author's work relate to anything else your've read in the course? explixt purpose and implicit agenda What has the author left out?

3. When/Where? When was the text written? Where was it written? What is the historical context that produced this work? Are there any major events that might have directly prompted or influenced its writing? Comprehending the specific environment that produced the text is critical to grasping both its explicit and implicit purposes. What internal clues in the document signal its chronology?

4. Why? Why was this text written? Why was it published? What were the motivation the author may have had for writing the document? Does the author have a vested interest in the historical events described? To whom is the author addressing his/her writing? What did he/she hope to gain by talking to this audience? How might that audience have recieved his/her writing?

5. How? How much should we rely on this document? How can it be used to illuminate broader questions about the broader context in which it was created?
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Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: This assignment has two parts:

Part A: Document Analysis Two pages Max.

Analyse the Western Australia’s Department of Education (WA DoE) Excursions: off school site activities policy document and discuss the implications to WA primary schools. (DOC A)

The two pages needs to include;

??Background of the policy
??Purpose/objective of your report
??Body - Analysis/discussion of the WA DoE Excursion policy
??Significance of the policy
??Key points in the policy document.
??Examine why such a policy is necessary in today’s social climate
??Identify who is subject to the policy's requirements
??Relate this to the objective of your report
??Consider the implications of the WA DoE Excursion policy in creating effective and safe learning environments.

Part B:

Fill out DOC B template based on this scenario: You are planning to take your class of 24 six year olds on an excursion, traveling on a bus 25km from school to the zoo.

Note: Use information from DOC A (Western Australia’s Department of Education Excursions: off school site activities policy document) to help answer Part B.

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Title: Career Opportunities in Business Communication

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3670 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Topic: career opportunities in business communications. Introductory material should be two or three pages.

The project will contain the following: title page, table of contents, body, bibliography, and appendix (which will include a copy of the website checklist as well as all source documents). The text of the paper must be double-spaced with indented paragraphs and should be 10 pages. I will attach the outline for the table of contents and website checklist via email.

Once the introductory section is complete, the paper should then discuss five different types of business communications. These should consist of the following:

1. Two websites from the same area: two airlines, two food companies, two colleges, two shopping networks, or any other area that interests you. Remember to choose two websites that are within the same area or industry so that the analysis will provide a proper comparison and contrast.

2. Two brochures on the same topic. Collect two brochures covering the same topic. A good place to start is at your local bank. Pick up a brochure relating to student loans and then find a similar brochure on the same topic at another bank.

3. Two newsletters from the same type of organization. Here you may choose two churches/synagogues/mosques or two school districts. Remember, the two newsletters must relate to the same topic: two middle school newsletters, two district-wide newsletters, two religious organizations’ newsletters.

4. Two sales letters that you have received in the mail. Be sure to choose correspondence that is worth analyzing. The documents should be interesting enough to provide an analysis of between 250 and 500 words, very similar to the trial analyses we explored as a group.

5. One or two advertisements of a product, institution, or service that you found in a printed source. Be sure to choose an advertisement that will yield a sufficiently insightful analysis as documented in the “persuasive request” segment included in this module. The analysis must reflect a treatment of AIDA, target group, and media in which the advertisement is located.


I. Introduction

A. Definition of corporate communications
B. You attitude within corporate communications
C. Role of computers in corporate communications

II. Corporate Communications as a Career

A. Types of Degrees
B. Salaries
C. Job Descriptions
D. Other (find your own)

III. Corporate Website Comparison

A. Website No. 1

1. Analysis
2. Checklist

B. Website No. 2

1. Analysis
2. Checklist

IV. Corporate Document Analysis

A. Letter or Memorandum A and its analysis
B. Letter or Memorandum B and its analysis

V. Newsletter Analysis

A. Newsletter A: form, structure, content, professionalism
B. Newsletter B. form, structure, content, professionalism

VI. Types of Corporate Communications

A. Definitions
B. Types

1. New Employees’ Handbook
2. House Organ
3. Annual Reports

VII. Advertising Analysis

A. History of Advertising
B. Background of Company Whose Product is Being Analyzed
C. Website of Company
D. Advertisement A

1. Analysis: AIDA
2. Target Group
3. Economic and Psychological Needs
4. Ethics

E. Advertisement B

1. Analysis: AIDA
2. Target Group
3. Economic and Psychological Needs
4. Ethics

VIII. Conclusion

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Title: Discussion Questions

Total Pages: 2 Words: 553 Sources: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: You are to write a 2-page paper. Do Not Use Outside Sources! Each question is to be answered separately. State the question first and then continue to answer.

a.Does your current agency’s approach needs assessment in its program planning efforts reflect a functionalist or empowerment approach? What implicit believes exist regarding "need" and the type of data needed to identify needs what do you see to strengths and weaknesses of its approach and why?

b.The course readings and materials identified surveys, interviews, observations, document analysis and work samples as the most common data gathering tools in needs assessment. Is there a preferred tool or approach to identifying needs it your agency? Reflect upon the data gathering tools have you used in needs assessment efforts and how well such tools uncovered needs. Where could better needs have helped in recent program development efforts?

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