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Title: questions 1 practical considerations influence a firm's dividend policy Does a firm's dividend policy matter 2 main practical considerations influence a firm's capital structure

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Essay Instructions: questions :

1) what are the practical considerations which are likely to influence a firm's dividend policy? Does a firm's dividend policy matter?

2) what are the main practical considerations which are likely to influence a firm's capital structure?

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Title: This assignment requires conduct investigation dividend policies adopted companies You prepare a report 1 Conduct a literature review factors determine dividend policy You make reference empirical studies theoretical research area

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Essay Instructions: This assignment requires you to conduct an investigation into the dividend policies adopted by companies. You should prepare a report in which you:

1. Conduct a literature review into the factors that determine dividend policy. You should make reference to empirical studies and theoretical research in this area.

2. Access the published annual reports for Yell Group plc and Home Retail Group plc (these are available to download from the company websites) for the years ending 2008, 2009 and 2010 and critically discuss the factors that you consider have influenced the dividend policies of these companies over the three year period.

3. Finally, you should reflect on your findings from both your literature review and your analysis of these companies to offer conclusions as to which factors appear to be of particular importance in determining dividend policy.

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Dividend Policy Research Essay

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Title: Dividend policy

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Essay Instructions: Specific assignment topic:
"A finance director believes that the market price of the company's existing ordinary shares will not change even if the company changes the dividend policy that has been maintained for the past thirty years. Explain why the finance director might be wrong in his belief".
The paper should be focused on the implications of the market price of shares, if the company changes its dividend policy.

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Title: A progressive dividend policy

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Essay Instructions: Read the following article:

• Carlson, C. B. (2006). A progressive dividend policy. DRIP Investor, 15(5), 1 ??" 8.


Using information from the article, write a four page report that addresses the following points:

• Analyze the three factors that Progressive Corporation will use to calculate dividends.

• Why is it called a ‘variable' dividend policy?

• Will the dividends paid by Progressive Corporation increase or decrease? Why?

• What would change if Progressive Corporation used another dividend policy?

4 pages will be APA style. 300 words per page. Paper can't have quotes. One inch margins.

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