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Title: Are educational evaluations in U.S. schools truly reflective of the ability of culturally diverse students

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Essay Instructions: This is a thesis/research paper for a doctoral program in education. I need it to be 25 pages long with 15 sources. I need the following included in my sources: Marcus, Lawrence R. (1999). The Future of Secondary Education.
Wiggins, Grant. (1990). The Case for authentic assessment.
The following is a brief abstract that you need to go by:
The primary goal of education in the U.S. is an education that fosters the intellectual, social and personal development of virtually all students to their highest potntial. In order to obtain this goal in a diverse classroom environment, a culturally sensitive teacher recognizes that cultural conventions inform their own approach to teaching, as well as to inform the student's approach to learning. Teaching diverse cultures is growing in the U.S. and is an important learning process of all students in all cultures. Cultural is central to learning. Not only does culture shape the thinking process, it also defines modes of communicating and receiving information. "A pedagodgy that ignores these fundamental differences gives an unfair advantage to students from the 'mainstream,' while alienating those with diverse backgrounds" (Marcus, 1999, pg. 1).
My thesis is that "in years past U.S. schools did not have to consider teaching to many culturally diverse students. However in today's schools this has become a major concern for educators. Educators of today are accomodating culturally diverse students to the best their ability, however, evaluations are still do not accomodate culturally diverse students. Testing and evaluations are standardized and are not acuurately reflective of the highest potential of culturally diverse students."

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Title: Multicultural Education

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Essay Instructions: The research paper should be 15 pages.

The class is a graduate Education class called Multicultural Education. The topic chosen for my paper is Multicultural Education in the NYC school system and the need to improve literacy instruction of students of diverse backgrounds. (This topic can be changed slightly. The paper does have to be on Multicultural Education with a focus on Literacy.)
I will be teaching in a NYC elementary school. Most of the students are underprivileged Hispanic, African Americans. I am a white female.

Course description:
The course will provide the student with and understanding of the cause and nature of multicultural education. If will provide an opportunity for students to explore and discuss the complex and varied issues of: culture, race ethnicity, gender, curriculum concerns, literacy, cognition, knowledge transfer, bias, and power relationships (Social, political, economic) in context of a pluralistic society. Historical background pertaining to colonization, immigration and other forms of cultural contact and its impact, in a culturally diverse society will also be presented.

What is Multicultural Education? (Combination of all described below)
Some discuss multicultural education as a shift in curriculum, perhaps as simple as adding new and diverse materials and perspectives to be more inclusive of traditionally underrepresented groups. Others talk about classroom climate issues or teaching styles that serve certain groups while presenting barriers for others. Still others focus on institutional and systemic issues such as tracking, standardized testing, or funding discrepancies. Some go farther still, insisting on education change as part of a larger societal transformation in which we more closely explore and criticize the oppressive foundations of society and how education serves to maintain the status quo -- foundations such as white supremacy, capitalism, global socioeconomic situations, and exploitation.

Despite a multitude of differing conceptualizations of multicultural education (some of which will be laid out more fully below), several shared ideals provide a basis for its understanding. While some focus on individual students or teachers, and others are much more "macro" in scope, these ideals are all, at their roots, about transformation:
?h Every student must have an equal opportunity to achieve to her or his full potential.
?h Every student must be prepared to competently participate in an increasingly intercultural society.
?h Teachers must be prepared to effectively facilitate learning for every individual student, no matter how culturally similar or different from her- or himself.
?h Schools must be active participants in ending oppression of all types, first by ending oppression within their own walls, then by producing socially and critically active and aware students.
?h Education must become more fully student-centered and inclusive of the voices and experiences of the students.
?h Educators, activists, and others must take a more active role in reexamining all educational practices and how they affect the learning of all students: testing methods, teaching approaches, evaluation and assessment, school psychology and counseling, educational materials and textbooks, etc.

Some discussions we had in class:
?h Empowerment of minorities in schools and society.
?h Whites are born privileged.
?h preparing students to function in a more diverse society.
?h Critical educational theorists argue that teachers must understand the role that schooling plays in joining knowledge and power in order to use that role for the development of critical and active citizens.
?h Bilingual education today often sets children up for failure (in both schools and in society).
?h The role of schools in our society.
?h Standard and Standardized testing-disadvantages to minorities.
?h More diverse teacher work force is needed.

Some resources that might be useful.
Required readings for the class:
Life in Schools, An Introduction to Critical Pedagogy in the Foundations of Education, by Peter McLaren
Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World, by Patricia Ramsey (chapters 1-9)
American Education, An Introduction to Social and Political Aspects, Fifth Edition Joel Spring

Some useful websites:

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Title: Managing Diversity Expanding the Diversity in our Workplace

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Essay Instructions: I am working on a "team paper" my sections are

1)Explain Companies Working Environment
How does diversity improve a companies working environment?

*****1 page******

2)Explain Diversity Measured
How can diversity be measured? ****1 page******

************************************************************Here is what my team has put together so far.



Explain Diversity Measured
How can diversity be measured?

Explain Diversity and Inclusion How does a goal of diversity and inclusion impact company?s decisions
about hiring, retention etc?

Explain Lack of Diversity Impact on a Company

How does the lack of diversity impact a company?

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Title: Productive teaching

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Essay Instructions: I would like your help in writing an one page review on the article by Au, K. H. "Social constructivism and the school literacy learning of students of diverse backgrounds". This paper should have two parts: first part is the general summary of the article, and the second part will be a response to one major point that may include reflections on evidence that supports or contradicts the author's position from research or prior experience. Thanks.

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