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Title: critically evaluate how ICT is applied to the Tourism and Hospitality Industries use one case study to demonstrate your arguments

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4244 Sources: 20 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: title: critically evaluate how ICT is applied to the Tourism and Hospitality Industries.(use one case study to demonstrate your arguments)
i already choose website------
the word account of this essay is 4000---4500 words
1. Introduction ( Eeplain briefly what is ICT;
Explain briefly what is web evaluation;
Explain the chosen website---
Explain what is the website)

2. Literature Review(2000words) ( Detailed explanation of ICT
Detailed explanation of Web Evaluation)

3. Methodology ( Choose 1 or 2 the methods explained in Literature Review.----"AAOCC" Accuracy, Authority, Objectivity, Coverage, Contents.
Create Survey Web Evaluation Form)

4.Case Study --- (Conduct Survey;
Graph, Charts and analysis)this is the link of web evaluation form , choose 3--5 questions from this web evaluation form to do data analysis, for example 30% choose yes 70%choose no,of course make up some fake statistic by yourself and do data analysis.
you also need to write---- web development
Important of quality in websites
Criteria used to evaluate a websites
Why choose the websites
How good the website is
The usability
Face the consider
Own suggestion for the website--How to make it better

5. Discussion& Conclusion & Recommendation ( 300-500 words) ( Giveremarks; discussion; make a conclusion; Make recommendation

6. References
7. Appendix

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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Disneyland in Hong Kong

Total Pages: 11 Words: 3457 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Managing in a Global Economy
FINAL paper (10-15 pages in length)
Student will select country and MNC (REQUIRES APPROVAL of the instructor).
Students will analyze how the MNC has developed, and is evolving, in any three (3) of the following areas:
a. development of global strategic alliances
b. intercompany collaboration
c. positioning for greater global competitiveness
d. implications for MNC overseas operations
e. improving globalization of markets
f. globalization strategies
g. compliance to government policies (industry, regulations, etc.)

Students will
(1) summarize briefly the objectives and/or issues of the selected MNC,
(2) advise the implications of the issues and/or objectives that he/she identifies, and
(3) offer detailed explanation to support his/her insight and recommendations.

* You must use at least a minimum of TEN sources, correctly cited, in your bibliography (MLA or APA)

Textbook: Transnational Management: Text and Cases
Edition: 4th
Author: Bartlett, Ghoshal, Birkinshaw
ISBN: 0072482761

Topic: Disneyland in Hong Kong

Outline (draft)
1. Introduction
2. Company background
3. Hong Kong background information (Historical, geographical, economical, and political)
* Focus on the following sections. Section 1-3 maximum 1.5 pages
4. Disneyland?s operation
5. Disneyland?s globalization strategies
6. Intercompany collaboration
7. Compliance to HK government policies and the agreement between them
8. Current issues that Disneyland HK facing (supported)
9. Recommendations & Conclusion (Why? How? Provides at least one positive and one negative impact)

See detail on the following notes.

//Final Paper Notes//

When preparing your final paper, please ensure the following:
1. 10-12 pages in length (maximum 15 pages) / 12 point font
(Text only - does not include cover page, table of contents, bibliography).
2. Bibliography must be provided (minimum of 10 independent references required)
** References should be from multiple resources, not just from the corporate (MNC) website. References must be CORRECTLY cited. All quotations MUST be cited and correctly referenced.
3. As instructed in the original final paper instructions,
3a. you must evaluate your MNC in a selected country
3b. select three topics for evaluation.
Please highlight these in your introduction (for my clarification).
3c. The focus, as discussed in class, will be
- Issues that you identify (in your research)
- Challenges in which the MNC finds itself, based on your research.
(Advise implications of action(s) or of not taking action(s))
- Your SUPPORTED, and detailed, recommendations and insight. THIS IS IMPORTANT. A list of recommendations is NOT adequate. You must be prepared to advise the benefits, cost(s), and likely outcomes of proposed recommendations. Remember, as the subsidiary manager (or outside consultant), you must be able to outline likely implications of a proposed action (or likely consequence of a lack of action).
4. You will provide no more than a brief overview of the MNC and country (NO more than a maximum 1.5 pages). The balance of the paper will be your focus on the issues, challenges, and your supported recommendations.
5. When evaluating the MNC, you may want to incorporate some of the following aspects of the course that we have discussed throughout the term:

- International
- Multinational
- Global
- How evolving into transnational

- Environmentally
- Strategically
- Organizationally
- Managerially

- Global efficiency
- Multinational responsiveness & flexibility
- Worldwide learning & innovation

- Issues / challenges / recommendations (supported)

- Strategy
Timing (of entry into market, expansion, etc)
Commitment (financial, human resources, long-term)
Consequence of proposed action (or lack of action, understanding)
- Benefits (advantages) of MNC action(s)
- Costs (disadvantages) of MNC action(s)


- Evaluation or analysis of
- As it applies to success or failure of the MNC
- In its overseas subsidiary, operation, or expansion into the selected country.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: This is not essay. its just short report about corporate Governance of Disneyland company and an analysis from this perspective might consider some of the following questions:
* How does the company present and report the corp gov bottom line?
* what are the reporting requirements for management to make informed decisions?
* what structures does the business have in place to ensure the timely supply of appropriate information?
* How does the business make use of the available information in the context of its own business to create appropriate responses?
* How is the business able to identify the risks that are created by prospective of climate change?
* How does the business keep its shareholders and other stakeholders informed of its decision-making processes?
please read the following,9171,501060515-1191881,00.html

I'm international student so, I hope the report to be in sample words and easy to understand
you must include a bibliography according to Harvard referencing . Also all the references must be from the internet with the website provided.

Thank you

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Principles of Management

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2179 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Essay topics: New threat of HK Disneyland

Paper Should Demonstrate:
1.5% of words for Abstract, 10% of words for Introduction, 75% of words for body and 10% of words for conclusions.
2.At least 15 related academic articles for references.
3.Using Harvard referencing system, Clear layout, neatly presented
4.Uses number of practical examples to support the theoretical arguments
5.Contents the following information

(HK Disneyland on long term market position)

Shanghai Disneyland Resort is planned for opening at Shanghai By 2014. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, this study will define the HK Disneyland the situation, through the strategies management to make HK Disneyland can keep the profit growth.

Chapter 1 – Introduction and background: HK Disneyland position compare with Ocean Park and the new challenger-Shanghai Disneyland

Chapter 2 – Define the situation by with PESTLE analysis, first identify TRENDS in the environment of company: political, economic, social, technological, Legal and environments. How to learn from US same have 2 Disneyland (Disneyland Resort & Walt Disney World) how the make it balance. (Literature Review)

Chapter 3 – How to solve the risk or make it better seem like
- Constant facility development,
- increase special events to keep people interesting
- build a member club to keep contact and give benefits to them
- keep re-view each part which can improve better
- co-operate with more business parties to build more good will

Chapter 4 – Conclusion

Excerpt From Essay:

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