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Title: I a description Center Disease Control demographics serve types services organization offers a reason choosing agency

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Essay Instructions: I need a thorough description of the Center for Disease Control, the demographics of those they serve and the types of services this organization offers, and a reason for choosing this agency.

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Recognize risk factors leading to disease and identify preventive measures and treatments.

This assignment is designed for you to demonstrate your ability to communicate your knowledge of a disease in the lay (non-scientific and non-medical) public. You will select and research a unique chronic or preventable disease during the first two weeks of the course. Sources for disease-related topics include the National Institutes of Health (, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, the Mayo Clinic (, and Medline Plus (

Create an informative pamphlet for a nonscientific community about the chosen chronic or preventable disease. Give a brief description of the disease, including its symptoms and signs, explain the effects of the disease on the healthy body function of cellular, tissue, organ, and organ system levels, relating the effects to the observed symptoms. Analyze the risk factors contributing to the onset of the disease and preventive steps available to the targeted audience. Describe how a person suffering from the disease can maintain a desirable quality of life as well as minimize or slow the progress of the disease. Discuss available diagnostic and therapeutic tools and possible outcomes of the disease. Describe current research and possible future reserch directions.

At a minimum, your pamphlet should contain the following required elements:

Introductory paragraph describing your subject and its importance
Body of the pamphlet

Addresses signs, symptoms
Explains effects of the disease on healthy body functions, and relates this to signs and symptoms
Analyzes risk factors and preventive steps
Describes maintenance of quality of life
Discusses diagnostic and therapeutic tools
Explains expected outcomes and prognosis
Describes current areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure
Describes possible future areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure
Conclusion - summary of your findings

List all references at the end of your pamphlet. You must use at least five references from credible, scientifically rigorous sources and cite them using American Psychological Association (APA) style. References should be listed on a separate page that does not count toward the required length of the paper.

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Title: public health

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Essay Instructions:

Go to the Center for Disease Control's MMWR site. From the MMWR publications for the past 12 months, find an article on one of the following: drugs, exercise, nutrition, an infectious disease, a chronic disease, an environmentally-induced or related disease, or some issue regarding occupational health and safety. After obtaining the article (I'd suggest that you download the article), review it against the Healthy People 2010 objectives for improving health. Be sure to look at the 28 focus areas for something relevant to your article. In the table of contents, scroll down to "Objectives for Improving Health" Parts A and B to see the focus areas and links to more detailed documents for each area. Please answer the following questions.

a. Briefly describe the article.
b. How does the MMWR article relate to a focus area of the Healthy People 2010? You must choose something more specific than the two overarching goals. You may paraphrase or quote the pertinent HP 2010 focus areas, including the reference.
c. Does the data in the article suggest to you that the Nation is beginning to meet these goals? Why or why not?
d. What are the overall public health benefits and implications of meeting the goals for the problem you selected? (Hint: Describe the scope of the problem and validate with references).

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Title: Anthrax

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Essay Instructions: Go the the Center for Disease Control and Preventation (CDC) and research this subject on this website and other sites. Anthrax- Who sent those letters? Why is anthrax a good bioterrorism agent? Answer these two questions and add any other relevant information for a complete report. Thoroughly research this infectious disease and write a complete report.

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