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Essay Instructions: Disease is a major health issue in the world today. Epidemiologists are on the ?front line? of advocating safe and healthy living. This paper is designed to introduce a disease and ways in which it can be prevented.
1. Research a disease (history, treatment, etc.). What is the prevalence of the problem? What is the behavior that contributes most to the problem? Who is most at risk (demographics, age, gender, etc.)?
2. Identify the target audience. Who is the group to whom the message should be communicated? How should the message be communicated? Why are you choosing this audience?
3. Learn about the intended audience. What are the current beliefs about the disease? How can it be prevented?
4. Identify the behavior that should be changed.

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Title: Gastroenteritis and Peptic Ulcer

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1024 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Diseases of the Human Digestive System: Gastroenteritis and Peptic Ulcer
This assignment including 3 parts:
1)First part is about the Gastroenteritis
Please do briefly research about this disease but for this part please mainly focus on the mechanism of infections like how the rotavirus cause gastroenteritis or attack human digestive system?
2)Second part is about the Peptic Ulcers
Please do briefly research about this disease but for this part please mainly focus on the discovery and history of the disease (Peptic Ulcer)
3)The third part is about how bacteria who cause these diseases in human digestive tract can survive in the stomach?
For example: Low stomach acid, Acid-tolerance response and Protective layers (HdeA protein)

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Title: Essay Does poverty disease disease poverty Subject area International health masters level Focus developing countries preference Kenya

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2182 Bibliography: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Essay:

Does poverty cause disease or disease cause poverty?

Subject area: International health- masters level
Focus on developing countries with preference to Kenya

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Essay Instructions: From the list of disease provided,select one disease caused by each type of pathogen(1)one viral(chickenpox,common cold,cold sore,mumps,yellow fever.)(2)one bacterial (cholera,syphilis,typoid fever,whooping cough.)(3)one fungal(ringworm,thrush,lobo's disease athlete's foot.fungal meningistis.)(4)one protozoan(malaria,sleeping sickness,chagas disasese,amoebic dysentry).
Define the term pathogen and identifies the specific pathogens that causes each disaese and also describe the main differences between the different pathogen.
Outlines how each infection is transmitted and how the infections develop within the host(outline the transmission and development of infection by a bacterium,a virus,a fungus and a protozoan.pls can u in text and cite all the reference pls.

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