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Title: Disasters Critical Infrastracture Protection

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1740 References: 6 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Disasters:
1) Manmade/Technological/Accidental - The 2003 Blackout.
2) Intentional - WTC NYC September 11 2001
3) Natural- Hurricane Katrina 2005
Each to be examined seperately and in-depth. Demonstrate the impact of each event and the effect it had on various critical infrastructure and key assets.The conclussion should be worked into a networked or interconnected system of critical infrastructure.

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Title: I essay talking disasters happened made a hollywood movie I attach guidelines I purchased guys couple weeks ago repetitive

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Essay Instructions: I need an essay talking about two disasters that have happened and they have made a hollywood movie about it. I will attach the guidelines. I have purchased something from you guys couple of weeks ago and it was really repetitive.

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Title: Disasters and International Agencies

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Essay Instructions: The frequency of disasters and potential for future disasters is growing throughout the world. Therefore, it is important to understand that the type of international disaster organizational support varies based on a country?s geography and its socioeconomic, political, and disaster support needs. Depending on the region of the world and the magnitude and type of disaster, the involvement and approach of organizations such as the UN and other international disaster agencies requires disaster management training, skills, and strong leadership.

In this assignment, you will analyze theoretical approaches to managing international disasters by evaluating the roles and responsibilities of several international organizations. Choose any two international disaster organizations to research and critically analyze.

Your paper must include the following:

Identify and evaluate the roles and responsibilities of two international disaster agencies or organizations.
Analyze each agency?s theoretical approach to managing disasters, mission, goals, types of disaster operations, and organizational and leadership structure.
Analyze each agency?s historical international disaster management role by providing several examples of how the agency operates and provides disaster support during disasters.
Evaluate each international agency?s capability to respond and to operate in varies regions of the world. Provide several examples of where and when these agencies responded to or were involved in disaster operations.
Identify international organizations' challenges to conduct a coordinated and comprehensive international disaster response.
Recommend future actions for each international agency to improve disaster management support.

Your paper must be 4 to 5 pages and be in APA 5th edition format. Submit your Disasters and International Agencies paper in the assignment area.

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