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Title: Marketing Information Systems

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Essay Instructions: Please write a paper entitled Marketing Information Systems. The topic is for the company DirecTv. Each of the following factors need to be addressed in this paper as it realates to DirecTv: the need for intergration of market research, internal data, marketing intelligence, and a decision support system as it relates to scanning the macroenvironment, the marketing research process, measuring marketing productivity, plus the importance of demand measurement and forecasting. Please use quotations and citations within the text and be sure to add the references cited to the bibliography. Chapters from the book to follow via separate e-mail.
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Essay Instructions: Select four macro-economic indicators that you feel have the greatest impact on the operations and/or planning of DirecTV. Remember that an economic indicator measures a change in the general or in a specific aspect of the economy and you should be assessing how each macro-economic change you have chosen affects the DirecTV Satellite Company. Explain why they are important to the current or future condition of your organization.

Note: It is always good to use at least one indicator that measures your industry, like housing starts if you are looking at a realtor or construction company, but if you cannot think of any that applies to your SLP company then use GDP, CPI, and retail sales. One restriction; Do not use interest rates on this question because it is the subject of the second question.

The link to Investopedia just below lists 25 of the most commonly used macroeconomic indicators use four from this link

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