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Title: Enviromental Consequences of Alvarez Astreriod Collision Dinosaur Extinction Theory vs Anthropogenic Enviromental problems of today

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Essay Instructions: Compare and contrast the enviromental consequences of the Alvarez Asteriod Dinosaur Extinction Theory with the anthropogenic enviromental problems of today''s world. Are we headed for the same fate as the dinosaurs?

1. I don''t want the traditional re-hash of the "Alvarez Impact/Dinosaur Extinction Theory"....I already know all that!!
2. Justify your matter how rational or irrational they are!!
3. Do some research on the latest "evidence"!(pro or con)

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Title: Earth Science

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The fossil record provides evidence that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. However, paleontologists have also observed that there is no evidence of this diverse group from 65 million years ago to the present. This raises the question: What caused the dinosaurs' extinction?
This resource presents a series of images of dinosaur fossils:
The next link identifies the lines of evidence that support each hypothesis explaining the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.
Write a 3 pages essay based on these resource information. The essay should answer the following questions.
1. Which hypothesis appears to be supported by the most evidence?
2. Which has the least evidence?
3. If you were to choose a hypothesis based on the evidence presented, which evidence would you find the most compelling?
4. What would need to happen for one of these hypotheses to become a more accepted theory about dinosaur extinction?
5. From an evolutionary perspective, there are many places where there seems to be an abrupt transition from one fossil form to another. Drawing on your understanding of the fossilization process, suggest two or three reasons that could account for these abrupt transitions in the fossil record.

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