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Title: Art Picasso Matisse Diego Rivera

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Essay Instructions: This needs to be a contrast and comparison of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Diego Rivera. Comparing their works should only be a part of the paper, the paper should focus on how the similarities or differences in their upbringing formed or influenced them. It should also address what was going on in the world culturally, politically and economically and how this affected their work. Perhaps a study of Picasso's Guernica, Rivera's Cubist period and his political murals and then a piece by Matisse that is relevant to both of these.

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Title: Kahlo and Rivera

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Essay Instructions: Kahlo and Rivera
Write about how Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo influenced each other’s work and how their lives were related to their work.

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Title: Frida Kahlo

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Essay Instructions: I need a critical report/review of the Frida Kahlo?s biography: "Frida: A Biography of Frida Kahlo" by Hayden Herrera. Critical review should not be just the biography of the artists but artist?s life should be used to analyze and interpret her work. The main purpose of the paper should be analyzing, interpreting, and judging the specific work. Also, criticism should not be just personal opinion, but an analysis of the elements used in the art. The biography should be helpful in understanding an artist?s intentions and style. I think paper should touch her health problems after the bus accident, marriage to muralist Diego Rivera and her fascination of Mexican folklore and culture. The paper should consist of four parts:

1. Detailed information about the work. ? the author, publisher, date and place of publication of the book. This information should be presented below the title of the review.

2. Researched background information. 1-3 pages of background info. about the artist, the critical reception and reputation of the artist. Used sources should include reference works in the library, critical and historical studies, other reviews of the work and info contained in the work itself. Also footnotes would be needed in this section.

3.Synopsis or description. 1-3 pages about the book describing its content. For the nonfiction book I need a synopsis of the ideas and arguments presented and how they were presented.

4. The main body of the paper, 6 pages objective critique of the work. I need a final critical judgment supported by solid evidence from the work itself. You should talk about some of her most famous pictures created at different stages of her life.

I would like to see the artist presented as women who?lived dying?. As a women of extreme magnetism and originality who despite of her illness and marriage problems triumph over it.

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Title: History after WWI through WWII

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Essay Instructions: Please provide answers to the following questions in a paragraph or less

1. How is modern science connected with the methodology and content of world history?

2. List several genres of 20th century art and explain how it reflects the history of the times.

3. What point are the authors trying to make with Shanfei’s story? Relate it to the title of the chapter.

4. What part did the Indian National Congress, Gandhi, Tilak and the India Act playin the India's quest for autonomy and self rule?

5. How would you assess Chinese progress in the quest for autonomy? Was self rule at the price of stability?

6. How did Japan gain power during the 1920s and 1930s? Compare it to the rise of Germany and relate it to the situation in China and India, and the depression. Are there any connections? Was Mukden a symbol of Japanese strength or Chinese weakness?

7. World War I and the depression put Africa on the road to independence. Explain how war challenged European authority, how the depression changed the colonial infrastructure and economy, and how both caused the rise of a new African elites whose scramble for power was legitimized by calls for independence. How is this quest reflected in Garvey's writings?

8. What was the impact of World War I and the depression on the reorientation of political and nationalist ideals? How was this reflected in the university protests, rise of communist parties, and art of Diego Rivera?

9. When did World War II start for China? For Europe? For the US? Explain.

10.Identify the Mukden Incident, the Rape of Nanjing, "Asia for the Asians", guerrilla war, anschluss, Munich. What did each have to do with the coming of World War II?

11. What does the term "total war" mean as applied to World War II?

12. Explain the Allied war strategy for winning the war in Europe and the Pacific. How crucial was Russia to this effort?

13. What was the nature of bombing in World War II that made it so horrific? Give examples.

14. When countries were occupied by Germany, Italy and Japan, how did the people in those countries react? Give some examples.

15. What is a holocaust? Explain this in terms of the holocaust during World War II in Europe and then compare it with another holocaust such as the one in Cambodia, Stalin’s Gulag, the purge of ethnic Albanians or any other one you might be familiar with. Are holocausts genocides?

16. How did women fare in World War II? Describe the range of situations.

17. How does one define the term "Cold War "? How did the agreements at Yalta and Potsdam, postwar territorial divisions, the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, NATO, the Warsaw Pact and the United Nations affect the development of the Cold War?

18.Pick out three of the most important people, events or places in the period 1931-1955. Identify the topic thoroughly and justify why it was important to the history of the period and today’s world.

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