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Essay Instructions: Informations from the book is called Great Dialogues of Plato. Same above two questions, Critically discuss the following three analogies, tying them in with Sogrates' life and mission: 1) a. Gadfly 9 from Apology) b. Stingray ( from Meno) C. Midwife ( implied in Meno). 2) a. Critically discuss anjy one argument for the immortality of the soul ( from Phaedo). b. Critically discuss what Sogrates means when he says the philosopher spends his life practicing dying. Define all terms.
Be specific, give examples when possible.

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Title: Creative Writing

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Essay Instructions: This essay contains two different dialogues. They are as follows:

The first dialogue needs to be one page which consist of two characters arguing but are speaking every thought, every iteration of subtext. Then I need you to go back and cut the dialogue so that no line is longer than five words without losing any of the meaning.

The second dialogue needs to consist of two characters constantly saying "NO" to each other without actually ever saying the words, "No"
Customer is requesting that (Craig) completes this order.

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Title: dialogue exercises

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Essay Instructions: It is a literature class and i want two pages of dialoge pieces
For this dialogue piece, imagine that you are on a date in a small, intimate restaurant and that your companion has left the table for five minutes or so. You’re alone, and you can hear the conversations going on at the tables on either side of you. A young couple sits at one table. They look like they might be married, but you can’t be sure. They are having a serious conversation; their voices get lower and lower, and you strain to hear them. At the other table, two middle-aged couples seem to be a bit drunk. Their conversation rises and falls with laughter and whispers; it is difficult to tell who is with whom.

Write the dialogue coming from one of these two tables. Do not describe the restaurant, except to say that it is small and intimate. Do not describe the characters in great detail, but do give them names, and give the reader enough to be able to see them. The conversation/dialogue should move the scene forward. Make the dialogue matter.

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Title: Dialogues

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Essay Instructions: Engage in a dialogue with other students, family members, friends, or people in the community who might have some interest and opinions on a potential topic. Record the topic, summarize the three or more dialogues, and respond with a minimum of 1 ½ page to their diverse ideas.
You can decide the topic, does not matter.

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