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Title: Symoblism in The Rocking Horse Winner

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Essay Instructions: The essay needs to write about "The Rocking Horse Winner" by DH Lawrence. Here are some questions about the topic to write.

1. Evaluate the adult characters in the novel, especially the mother and Bassett. How do they exploit Paul's "gift" and motivate his gambling? How could they be considered as "enablers" of his gambling addiction?

2. Who do you consider most at fault for Paul's death?

3. Aside from individuals, how does the story condemn societal values and materialism? Is it relevant to our own society? How?

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Title: Post Modern British and American Poetry

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Essay Instructions: Essay
Using the two motifs listed:
1. Diminished sense of the art of poetry: no more masters, no more masterpieces. Can you make a case that postmodernist poetry is not about tradition but about transition, that it uses non-literary models or is at times anti-poetic?
2. New Romanticism: It has been argued that postmodernism is a return of the spirit of Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. Argue for or against this view.

In a carefully documented and well-argued essay, (a) illustrate how postmodern authors express these themes, and (b) compare and contrast the following postmodern poets (DH Lawrence, Dylan Thomas, Robert Lowell, and WH Auden)with one modernist (either Eliot or Pound or Yeats). The essay must demonstrate a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the poets and focus on the selected motifs.

Pls. ensure that citations are included in works on pages. And may I get a copy of most sources. Also, as one source could you pls use The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry, Vol II 3ed.


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