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Title: Developmental theory

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Essay Instructions: Reseach paper of one developmental theory from either the East or West including how it fits in the preconventional, conventional and post- conventional schemes proposed by Ken Wilber.
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Title: Psychosocial and Developmental Theory

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Essay Instructions: Interview: In this interview you will use psychosocial and developmental theory. The exercise facilitates your ability to take a theory and apply it in particular circumstances. In short, the interview will help you think about how theoretical models work in real life situations.

Identify someone who represents a social category (gender, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, or life cycle stage) different from your own.

Do not select someone with easily identifiable problems, or someone who easily confesses problems. Instead, choose an interviewee who appears very content, happy, well adjusted, and successful. The interview assisgnment is not about explaining problems. It is about taking the developmental model and applying it to a typical personal. Why? If the model doesn't help explain the ordinary, then why should we expect it to explain the extraordinary? This exercise is about how we view the ordinary, typical, and everyday.

Identify the life stage into which your interviewee fits. Second, read the related chapters in the textbook and 2 additional sources; together these resources will provide the theoretical lens for your interview. You must create a bibliography using APA format that lists the textbook and 3 outside sources. In particular, construct your questions so that you can test how close your interviewee's life stage fits the theory.

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