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Title: Developmental Assets

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Essay Instructions: Developmental Assets

Go to this web site for the Search Institute:

In the left hand navigation column, you will find a link to the DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS LISTS. Click on the link to the DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS LISTS and you will be presented with a selection of 4 different lists of 40 Developmental Assets, each tailored for a specific age group. (Additionally, translations are provided in 14 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, and French).

Adolescents (12-18)
Middle Childhood (8-12)
Grades K-3 (5-9)
Early Childhood (3-5)

From the 4 lists of Developmental Assets, select three (3) that reflect your area of interest and align with your philosophy of education. In a 4-5 page paper, address the following:

a. State why you chose the age level you did.
b. What are Developmental Assets?
c. examined risk factors and diversity factors. Select any combination of three (3) of these factors and describe them.
d. Now select 3 Developmental Assets that would strengthen the risk factors or diversity factors that you selected and link them together.
e. Describe one (1) activity for each of the assets that the school could provide.
f. Provide three sources.
g. Discuss how the chosen developmental assets relate to your personal philosophy of education. (State your philosophy.) Provide minimally three major points.
h- No plagerism I will be checking and you will get 0 points if caught!

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Title: Developmental effects of foster care on children

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2232 References: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Developmental research paper for a cultural class.

Children/youth are the subpopulation of all children/youth.

Paper to address the differences/similarities of children/youth in foster care to those who have never experienced foster care placement and the developmental impact of foster care.

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Title: Developmental Timeline

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Essay Instructions: Developmental Timeline

) Create a timeline of the various human developmental milestones.

2) Write a 300-500 word essay that includes the works of Piaget, Erikson, and Kohlberg, may use clipart to enhance assignment, focus on the following areas:

a) Brain and nervous system development

b) Lifespan development

c) Cognitive and moral development

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Essay Instructions: Developmental Writing

Two at a Time
Write a comparison and contrast essay by choosing one of the following options:
Two sports you like
Two pets you have owned
Two places you have visited
Two bands or singers you like
Two jobs
Two friends
Two cars you have owned
Two Internet search engines

Develop a clear thesis statement, including the two subjects you select, using a comparison/contrast theme. Organize the essay either by the subject-by-subject (one at a time) or point-by-point method and create clear, well-developed paragraphs. Include an introduction that leads into your thesis statement. Lastly, develop a conclusion that describes which of these two subjects you prefer. If you do not have a preference, explain.
Length: 3 pages, minimum of 750 words

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