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Essay Instructions: what are the challenges facing the developing countries in adopting the international convention on maritime search and rescue ( SAR) 1979

1- introduction about SAR maritime convention

2- challenges which represent in
a- funding, political will
b- regional SAR
d-cooperation between navy and coastal guard and aviation
e-Complexities of coordination ? Too many institutions, language barrier, legal frame work, technological advancement e.g GMDSS, VTS
f-lack ofTraining includes fire fighting, GMDSS, Beacon and electronic.
g-Lack of committed volunteers

3- conclusion

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Title: The impact of globalization on developing countries

Total Pages: 20 Words: 6090 Sources: 5 Citation Style: Chicago Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: 1- This is an independent study project

2- This project needs a very strong thesis

3- Write in international student level BUT Good writing and interesting content are important.

4- All the source must be academic resource

5- Every information in this paper should be cited and NO copy paste

6- It must be a lot of Analysis and comparison

7- Good writing and interesting content are important.

8- Egypt and India are a developing countries, this research will examine how globalization today's are likely to affect them?

9- You can use any graphics or charts if necessary .

Out line:


2- Globalization definition and the different concepts of the globalization.

3-The impact of globalization on the economies of developing countries.

4-Egypt and India are a developing countries, this research will examine how globalization today's are likely to affect them? " important "

5-How can developing countries deal with the power and influence of the industrialized nations?

6-The reasons for changing the concept of globalization in our time.

7-Solutions or proposals to bring the really concept of globalization.

8-the Conclusion .

thank you

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Essay Instructions: The topics:What are the relative dangers and advantages of globalisation for developing countries? How can they seize the advantages of globalisation and avoid the dangers?

Note: please note that this is a graduate course and i require a profassional writter to do it

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Title: Is Globalization Good or Bad for Developing Countries

Total Pages: 2 Words: 810 Works Cited: -6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a 2 page short essay plus the bibliography page. The subject: Is Globalization Good or Bad for Developing Countries? Paper must objectively analyze the subject with no personal opinions on the issue. Analysis of the facts, presenting both sides of the issue (both pro and con), and what are the short term and long term ramifications. Please use the Chicago Manual of Style, bibliography of at least 3 scholarly sources (i.e. books, journal articles, newspaper, internet (only one internet source, if necessary). Please footnote all ideas and quotations that are not your own, and use appropriate citations. Please include in the first paragraph the main purpose (thesis statement), what you are planning to analyze, and what you hope to prove, illustrate or surmise through this analysis. Last paragraph should include the conclusion, providing a clear summary of the main thesis, what you analyzed, and finally, how this analysis supported your thesis statement, and what were your conclusions.

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