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Title: Designer Babies

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1297 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: (1) This research paper must be in the APA style format – including citations from the five website article sources listed below in #8, a reference page, etc.

(2) The paper must begin with an introduction to the overall ethical issue of 'Designer Babies' followed by…

(3) The "Pro" side represented of this issue or what supporters of this issue would say about the topic with integration of information from the articles contained in the websites that are provided with my order.

(4) Next, the "Against" side represented of this issue or what individuals/groups against this issue would say about the topic with integration of information from the articles contained in the websites provided with my order.

(5) The paper is to be written in the APA format - such as citation of resources (articles) in paper and on reference page, etc.

(6) Integration of at least five or six vocabulary terms/phrases from the list of vocabulary words provided with my order along with discussion of how these five/six terms "ties into" this overall issue.

(7) The List of Vocabulary Terms/Phrases:

Morality (or the various types of morality),

Ethics (or principles or theories of ethical behavior),



Self respect,





Genetic information,

Genetic counselor,

Quality of life,

Random selection.

(8) The five websites:






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Title: Designer Babies

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1246 References: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I will fax you a check list which I was provided by my professor. Baiscaly I would like this to be a "PERSUASIVE" essay to discuss why we should not have "designer babies" and how it is not right to "design a baby by slecting or altering an embryo. My "narrow" issue are the major social concerns - Will we breed a race of super-humans who look down on those without genetic enhancements? Will these new technologies only be available to the wealthy - resulting in a lower class which still suffers from inherited disabilities and diseases? Will discrimination against people already born with disabilities increase, if they are perceived as genetically inferior? OR how tampering with the human genetic structure might actually have unintended (and unpredictable) consequences that could damage the gene pool. (Please check which is where I got these questions from.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I need an original 5 page paper written by someone experience in writing science and technology type papers. Attached are several papers and articles that will help but more can be added as needed to make a good argument for the limited use of Genetic Engineering in regards to humans (no crops/foods/animals) Just the human - it is OK for limited use in curing diseases but not to the point where the rich can order designer babies. Attached is an article by Michael Sandel which I like his opinion the best. Other papers are ones I got off the oppaper site, one which has works sited, are also good. One paper refers to eugenics which I think is the old name they used to call it, genetic engineering sounds more up to date. Maybe if you write a one paragraph history and refer to its beginnings In Nazi Germany it would be OK to refer to it as eugenics at that time. Michael Sandel refers to Alex Huxley's Brave New World a little and that will be OK to put a little in the paper about that in reference to what the future might look like if everyone is genetically engineered. The key point in the paper is for the rich not to be allowed to make designer babies that will be smarter and more athletic than average humans. So that in a couple hundred years we will have two species of humans - the normal and the genetically enhanced. Name paper "The Case Against Perfection". Below are teachers instructions.

This is your last assignment for this course:

You will select an issue that is important to you in the field of technology and make an argument about it. This paper should be 5 pages in length.

1) You will argue a position (for or against, or some middle position) that is related to issues of the class, i.e., technology.

2) State your position early in your paper and defend it.

3) You are not required to use any specific number of sources, but I would recommend using research to strengthen your argument.

4) The paper should be 5 pages, typed, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12-pt font.

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