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Title: Oriental Therapy Alternative Treatment for Depression

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Essay Instructions: Attached the paper about depression treatments for Japanese patients. This is only a part of my 40-page paper. Please also find attached the outline for your reference. I would like to add a few pages based on the below feedback.

After describing basic principles, show how specific techniques help your case studies with depression and why. This may also aid in long-term therapy. Go into more detail on what must be done with the heart meridian, balancing yin and yang for specific depression. You should analyze the irony that they say all illness begins with the mind and yet there are unwilling to admit to psychiatric illness. What creative way will you fuse East and West in a comprehensive claim of policy that incorporates shiatsu, acupuncture, bathing, herbs, diet, exercise, social support, spiritual or religious support, and Western diagnosis, prescription drugs, and cognitive therapy when needed?
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