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Title: Dental Case Study

Total Pages: 3 Words: 991 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Please research and write a paper discussing a special need, dental patient and be aware of conditions associated with the patient, including any indications/contraindications for your case study.

Dental patients with special needs often ??" but not always ??" have higher rates of poor oral hygiene. As a result, they also have a higher incidence of gum diseases and cavities than people in the general population. Those considered dental patients with special needs represent individuals with a broad range of conditions that do not necessarily relate to oral health.

I would like for you to do your Case study over a CANCER PATIENT, if you feel like you can’t find enough research over it then here are some examples of other dental patients with special needs that you could choose from:

Aging and elderly people
People with a mental illness
Individuals with mobility issues such as patients in wheel chairs
Mentally disabled individuals
Immunocompromised people and those with complex medical problems such cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.
Children with behavioral or emotional conditions such as autism, Downs Syndrome, etc.

Your paper must include the following:

1.Why the patient was chosen or the patient In your case study had the following dental needs.
(Example: restorative dentistry, periodontal involvement)
2.Brief background of the patient if Applicable (Do not use real names)
(Example: age, sex, occupation, location of their residence (referring to water fluoridation)
3.Social and personal history
(Example: Do they want to spend money on their teeth, OHI importance, has most of their dental treatment been due to pain, food selection in their diet, meds.)
4. Study Models: if those are available in your article you can copy
6.Dental Chart: Medical/Dental , IO/DO-this will also be discussed in your article finding.
7.Prognosis of patient (final outcome)
8.Patient education ( changing of habits : smoking, high intake of sugars, improve OHI
Number 7 and 8 should be your summary and conclusion

At least THREE references must be used to gather your information (only two of which may be the Internet). Provide references at the top of your written assignment, use APA format to cite references.

Times New Roman
12 font
Paragraph form
SINGLE spaced, double-spaced between paragraphs
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Title: Dental Technology Materials

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2045 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

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Dental Polymers (acrylic resins) are traditionally processed by the application of an external heat source or by including chemical initiators within the material.
A modern innovation is the use of microwave energy to achieve this polymerisation.
1.Any variations in the bond strenght of the denture base to the denture teeth.
2.The accuracy of the fit of the completed denture.
3. The residual monomer in the processed denture.
4. Any changes o traditional laboratory equipment required as a result of using this new process.

Excerpt From Essay:


Criteria: This article must incorporate aspects of and reactions to the influences of cultural diversity?dealing with people from another culture :other than from the United States
65 and older!! 1. Must be 2 pages long
2. Should be from popular magazines, preferably not professional articles
3. May be different topics or topics related to one theme
Possible points =100

Criteria Achievement Level
Achievement Level 1 Achievement Level 2 Achievement Level 3 Achievement Level 4
Identify Title & Source of Article 10 points
Includes article title and source 8 points
Includes article title
Source not included 5 points
Article title not included
Source included 0 points
Title and Source not included
No Submission of paper
Brief Description of Key Points Made in Article 25 points
Major points fully developed 20 points
Some key points may be less developed 12.5 points
Little attempt to develop key points 0 points
Did not include brief description
No submission of paper
Discuss Your Thoughts & Emotions Regarding This Article 25 points
Personal reaction included and expressed clearly 20 points
Personal reaction included and expressed somewhat clearly 12.5 points
Personal reaction included and not expressed clearly 0 points
Did not include personal thoughts
No Submission
How can you apply these concepts to your professional practice? dental office!!( oral hygiene and overall health) 25 points
Supporting evidence of relationship to profession included and understandable (oral health dental hygiene)
Specific details included 20 points
Supporting evidence of relationship to profession included and somewhat understandable
Specific details somewhat included 12.5 points
Supporting evidence of relationship to profession included and not understandable
Lacks specific details 0 points
Did not include how to apply to profession
No Submission
Copy of Article Attached or Internet Address Provided 5 points
Article attached
Internet address provided 4 points
2.5 points
0 points
No article attached
No internet address provided
Format: Legible & Organized 5 points
Easily legible and well-organized 4 points
Somewhat legible and well-organized 2.5 points
Somewhat legible and somewhat organized 0 points
Not legible
Not organized
Correct Number of Pages Submitted 5 points
At least 2 full pages in length
Not more than 5 pages in length 4 points
2.5 points
0 points
Less than 2 full pages
No more than 5 pages
Students must incorporate aspects of and reactions to the influences of cultural diversity (i.e. elderly in another country, elderly African Americans, etc.)
. A copy of each article (or the internet address) must be submitted with each paper. ALL ARTICLES/JOURNAL REACTiONARY PAPERS SUBMITTED MUST APPLY TO THE OLDER ADULT (65 PLUS) AGE GROUP. ALL OTHERS WILL BE GIVEN A GRADE OF A ZERO. See rubric for guidelines and expectations.

The journal article must deal with the older adult
Students are required to write reactionary paper to journal article on some aspect of healthcare and the older adult (articles may be from a legitimate but popular print/internet media).
PLEASE INCLUDE COPY OF ARTICLE USED IMPORTANT! AND HAS TO BE ABOUT DIVERSITY OF OLDER ADULTS . aspects of and reactions to the influences of cultural diversity AND HEALTHCARE (i.e. elderly in another country, elderly African Americans, etc.) PROVIDE JOURNAL ARTICLE

Please follow Rubric!!

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Title: Writer Hophead What dental community prevent HPV HPV related health problems current research projects partnerships

Total Pages: 2 Words: 629 Sources: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Writer Hophead

What is dental community doing or can do to prevent HPV and HPV related health problems - current research, projects, and partnerships?

Excerpt From Essay:

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