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Title: impact of demographic changes

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Essay Instructions: Directions:

The theory quiz is designed to measure the extent to which we can apply the material in on-line theory lectures to what we have learned thus far about demography. To accomplish what I am asking you will have to think about how the work of demographers relates to explanations of the aged and/or the aging process. You may wish to consider in what ways the definitions of demographers influence what and whom they study. You have two tasks:

1. Chcose one or more theories of aging that you have studied and consider the relevance of theory to assumptions made by demographers.

2. Develop and describe your own theory about aging in order to explain the impact of demographic changes.. Be creative, but explain on what basis you generate your theory why your theory has predictive value. (NOTE: You do not have to support any existing theory of aging. You do have to provide behavioral evidence in order to support your own theoretical ideas). You probably should consider the extent to which your theory will explain relationships between older and younger persons in 2050 as well as it does in 2006.)

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Title: Sociology International and Domectic Residential Segration and Immigration in US

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Essay Instructions: This is Question - Answer paper. Each question requires 2-page answer. Answers should be written by use and cite material from class (have to use reading materials and lecture slides to answer) and present it in a well-organized, logical manner. Writing skills should be at least master degree level. I need someone who is really experty and good at "Sociology: Residential Segration and Immigrations." Don't use direct quatation. Don't copy sentences from readings and powerpoint slides. Please paraphrase them all to answer questions. I strongy recommend to use 70% from readings and 30% from PPT slides to answer questions. 11 Fonts, Times, and 1-inch margin all.

Very Important
***Have to finish the paper on time (Aug/15th/2012 11:00 am EST)***

#1. Many of the largest U.S. Cities are characterized by high levels of racial residential
segregation, especially between African Americans and whites. Briefly summarize recent
trends in the levels of racial/ethnic residential segregation in metropolitan areas. What
are the competing explanations to account for the historically high level of residential
segregation between African Americans and whites in the U.S.? Use at least two
examples from the readings to illustrate these explanations.

- Reading materials' list for #1 question to answer:
1) Powerpoint Slides "Residential Segregation",
2) Reading material "Farley, Reynolds and William F. Frey. 1994. ?Changes in the Segregation of Whites From Blacks.? American Sociological Review 59:23 45"
3) Logan, John R., Brian J Shults and Reynolds Farley. 2004. ?Segregation of Minorities in the Metropolis: Two Decades of Change.? Demography 41: 1 22."

#2. Describe three theories of international migration. For each theory use an example from
the film ?Farmingville? to illustrate the process described by the theory. In addition, for
each theory you describe, suggest one policy intervention governments can make to affect
the flow of migrants given the propositions of the theory. (cover
three theories in lecture but I strongly recommend reading this as it thoroughly
covers important information, which will appear on the exam")

- Reading materials' list for #2 question to answer:
1) Powerpoint Slides "Immigration",
2) Massey, Douglas S et al. 1993. ?Theories of International Migration: A Review
and Appraisal.? Population and Development Review 19: 431 466.,
3) Farmingville Documentary Description This is not reading materials but since I couldn't find the clip for the video, please read this and catch the context. Don't use citation for this.
4) Farmingville Press Notes

#3. Describe trends in both magnitude and composition in U.S. immigration since 1900.
What is considered the heyday of U.S. immigration? In addition, describe how changes in
the flow of immigrants from South, Central and Eastern Europe are connected to the
residential segregation of blacks in many cities of the North East United States.

- Reading materials' list for #3 question to answer:
1) Powerpoint Slides "Immigration",
2) Powerpoint Slides "Residential Segregation"
3) Hirschman, Charles. 2005. ?Immigration and the American Century.? Demography 42: 595 620.
4) Tolnay, Stewart E. and M. Beck. 1992. ?Racial Violence and Black Migration in the American South.? American Sociological Review 57: 103 116.

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Title: Slave Trade Demography

Total Pages: 3 Words: 829 References: 9 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: *IF POSSIBLE, WRITER REQ: 1st-Writergrrl101, 2nd-Cathii, if neither an option then any available...*

Slave Trade Demography Assignment

In this assignment turn the raw data of British shipping records into a body of useful analyzable statistical data. The collective work will replicate the efforts of a statistically-oriented historian working on understanding the size and shape of the slave trade. Such a professional historian would ask of the data all of the questions we will, and many more. This assignment takes these questions and parcels them out to individual students - we are in essence a large research collective each working on a specific topic within a larger inquiry.

We will rely on transcribed records documenting slave imports to the colonies of New York, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia from Elizabeth Donnan’s Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America. The dates of these records vary somewhat although all cover the mid-eighteenth century - a high water mark in the British transatlantic slave trade. The bulk of this project relies on scanning, counting, adding, and multiplying - the regular tasks of the statistical historian. You will need to utilize the relevant section of the records, but everyone is encouraged to put some time into looking over the other records your particular assignment does not include. Each student will put together a brief paper presenting all the resulting numbers and discussing your observations from your romp in the records.

Once this work is all completed we will use part of our class time to tabulate what we have gleaned and discuss our first hand observations of the slave trade. Keep an eye out for temporal changes - for example do numbers seem to cluster in certain decades or is there a visible trend? Look for changes in shipping patterns and other shifts over time. Above all ??" think about implications! If you run into questions or problems as you plug through the data please feel free to contact me.

In the paper please provide the resulting data and reflect on the trade implications of your findings. What kinds of questions might we ask of this data, and what were your overall observations (NO PROJECTING CURRENT SOCIAL/POLITICAL VIEWS, base your observation from the professional historical perspective!) of the trade viewed from these records?

Specific Assigned Slave Trade Demography For This Historical Research Paper:
1.) Find the NY total numbers from Africa and which locations if indicated. Mean average numbers.
2.) Find the total numbers and mean averages of slaves from each African port broken down by port.
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Title: Population and Society Immigration Current Mexican U.S. Immigration Impacts of Immigration

Total Pages: 3 Words: 876 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: *Very Important*
These paper should be a critical evaluation of that readings not just a summary. This is a response paper. I uploaded a set of academic peer reviewed article and a series of periodical
(newspaper and magazine) article. Please read both carefully and ANALYZE and
COMPARE the periodical and academic article EACH OTHER. (Have to be related)

This paper level should be at least Master degree level. It should be very specific and concrete. Again, this is not a summary. You should compare and analyze these two articles.

Academic Reading:
Hirschman, Charles. 2005. ?Immigration and the American Century.? Demography 42: 595 620.

Economist ? Who Gains From Immigration?

Don't use other sources.

Please finish it on time. (07/30/2012 12:00pm EST), 11 Fonts, Times New Roman.

Excerpt From Essay:

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